L.A. Colors – Tiki Punch

I went back to the Dollar Tree today and grabbed Tiki Punch, a pink and purple trio for $1.

I wanted to get the green trio I saw last time and I was hoping they had a blue trio as well, but all that was left at the store was a single Tiki Punch trio. I guess these new trios are pretty popular.

Tiki Punch consists of a light pink, a bright hot pink, and a purple shade. All three colors have a satiny sheen (the light pink is a little more shimmery).

Unfortunately, the light pink shade has very poor color payoff. When I swatched the shadows on my arm the hot pink and purple shades only needed one swipe to show up but the light pink took 5 or 6 swipes to be visible. It’s super sheer.

I mainly purchased Tiki Punch for the middle shade because I’ve been looking for an affordable hot pink blush for the summer but I really like the other two shades as well. The light pink just requires a little more effort on my part but I can see it working as either an eye shadow (packed on a bit heavily) or subtle cheek highlight.


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