Introducing eBay watch #2

This is the second watch from my eBay watch haul to arrive but it was actually the first watch I purchased. [If you want to read about the first eBay watch I purchased and the reason(s) why I’m buying watches off of eBay instead of a department store or watch store, check the link here.] 

My recent urge to haul watches started with this watch. I fell in love with the style after watching fuzkittie’s Collective Fashion Haul video. She shows the exact (or similar) watch near the end of her video at 22:37.

fuz says she purchased her watch off of Juny’s website for $16 but I didn’t want to spend that much. I happened to read the comments on fuzkittie’s video and someone mentioned getting the same watch off of eBay for $3 shipping included. And that’s how my eBay watch frenzy started.

fuzkittie showed the gray watch in her video but I decided to go for the watch in white. I think it’ll be great for the Spring/Summer.

I found a seller who had the watch in white and I purchased it for $3.25 with free shipping. Sweet!

If you’re interested in the white watch I’ll link the listing here. This seller also has the watch available in black and pink. I’m not affiliated with this seller at all except for being a satisfied customer.

Like the first watch I purchased, this watch was also shipped from Hong Kong but from a different seller. It took 12 days to arrive in the mail which isn’t too bad. The watch was sent in a padded yellow envelope and the seller made sure to wrap the watch in extra bubble wrap to ensure that the watch face wasn’t damaged in transit.

The watch is everything that the seller said it was and also everything I expected but I still have to say I’m just a little bit disappointed. Compared to the stainless steel bracelet watch I purchased this white watch looks and feels less luxe, but I don’t think it’s the watch’s fault. It mostly has to do with the differences in style. This white watch is simply a lot more casual than my previous watch.

The watch band seems to be some sort of faux leather, man-made material which contributes to the less expensive feel. I think the texturized pattern on the band is interesting but if you hate it the watch band can be easily replaced. I have a local watch guy that I go to whenever my watch batteries need changing, and I know he sells real leather watch bands for $5-$10 so I can easily switch the band out if I want. I’m sure everybody has access to watch dealers who can do the same for you. I believe stores like Macy’s have a department that actually perform similar services.

I mainly wanted the watch because of it’s minimalistic and modern watch face. If you look closely you’ll see that the black ring on the watch face isn’t just flat but beveled. I love small details like that.

Here’s a comparison shot of this watch with the first watch I purchased. As you can see, the face on the white watch is slightly bigger than the steel watch’s face.

There are many different eBay sellers who have the same watch up for sale, and they come in a bunch of other colors including the gray color that fuz showed. If you don’t see the color you want now, chances are a new eBay listing will pop up in a few days. Don’t sweat it. That’s what happened to me. I wanted a specific color but no one had it at the time. I waited a day or two and suddenly a bunch of them were on eBay.

I did a quick eBay search for you and here are a few other eBay sellers that carry the watch: A, B, C, D, E, F. I didn’t purchase my watch from them so I can’t vouch for them. I just posted this info so you can check out some of the options available to you. I’m not affiliated with any of these sellers.

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