Nicka K lipstick mini-haul

I’ve been enjoying my cheap $0.99 Nicka K lipsticks so much — they’re such a great, inexpensive way to play and experiment with bright and funky colors that you’d be afraid to try otherwise — that I went back to the beauty supply store to grab a few more colors.

I chose Pink Tint, Power Plum, and Tan. They all look extremely intimidating in the tube and difficult to wear. However, these colors all apply sheerly but you can layer them easily to intensify the colors.

Pink Tint is a bright fuchsia  pink with a creme finish. Super pretty.

Power Plum is actually not plum colored but a red-orange (more red compared to Orange Tint) with fine orange-gold shimmer. Also really pretty. I thought my tube of lipstick was mislabeled but when I went back to the store I saw that all the lipsticks in this red-orange shade were labeled Power Plum.

Tan has a creme finish and looks like poo in the tube but is actually really pretty on the lips. It works really well with my lip color and looks very natural. I think this color would be very flattering on a lot of ladies and I’m so glad that I bought it. If you see it in the store, don’t be scared!

I’ve swatched each lipstick color twice. The first swatch is just one swipe so you can see what each color looks like when it’s applied sheerly. The second swatch is the same color applied more heavily (2-3 layers) so you can see what the lipstick looks like when you build up the color. 

And remember the other day when I compared my Nicka K lipstick in Orange Tint to an orange Crayola crayon? Well, here’s a comparison.

I thought some of you might find this amusing 🙂

Nicka K Orange Tint is very close to Crayola Orange, and it’s definitely less red than Crayola Red Orange.

Crayola crayons pretty much define my world of color. Using Crayola as a kid is how I learned the difference between colors like “Blue Green” and “Green Blue” or “Apricot” and “Peach.” Even now, when I think of red I don’t think “Revlon red” or “Christian Louboutin red.” No, I think “Crayola crayon red.” And when I need to describe colors of eyeshadows/lipsticks/blush my inclination is to pull out a box of crayons to compare 😛

FYI this is just one box of Crayola crayons I own. I have a whole giant bucket of Crayola crayons sitting in the back of my closet that I’ve had since I was a kid (my hoarding instincts at work). I’d buy a new box every time I ran out of Peach, Apricot or Sky Blue. Peach and Apricot were the colors I used most often for people, and you can’t draw the sky without Sky Blue! 😀