Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation and Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer: Initial Impressions

Walgreens is currently running a 50% off sale on all Rimmel cosmetics and I wanted to get this post up quickly before the sale ends tonight.

I originally went in to Walgreens to get some brown sugar and tissues but swung around to the cosmetics aisle before heading to the register. I’m so bad 😛 

Wet n Wild has their $0.99 items marked down to $0.69 but I didn’t pick anything up. I already own most of the Silk Finish lipsticks, Color Icon pencils, and Wild Shine nail polishes.

I was mainly interested in getting some Rimmel face products. I grabbed a bronzing powder in the lightest shade, Sun Light. I hear it’s a good matte bronzer but I haven’t tried it yet. I also wanted to test some of the new tri-colored blushes but my Walgreens didn’t even have any slots in the display for blushes. What’s up with that?

I had a $1 Rimmel coupon sitting in my pocket that I really wanted to use but there wasn’t really anything else that I wanted from Rimmel. The nail polishes had been totally picked over and I don’t care for the scents of their lip products. Then I remembered emilynoel83 raving about their Lasting Finish foundation on You Tube. Unfortunately, they were out of all the shades except for the darkest one.

Finally, I spotted a Fix & Perfect foundation primer bundled with a Stay Matte foundation. I’ve always wanted to try the primer; there are a few You Tubers who swear by it. The Stay Matte foundation was an afterthought. I’m not one for matte finishes; I prefer the dewy look but since I would basically be getting two products for the price of one I thought, “why not?”

The Rimmel Stay Matte foundation is normally around $7.00 but because of the 50% sale this week and my $1 coupon I got the foundation and the primer for $2.49 total. Pretty good deal.

I’ve swatched both products on my arm but have only tried the Stay Matte foundation on my face so far, and I’ve got to say I can see why the review/ratings for these products on MUA are so low. Too bad I didn’t read any of them before I made my purchase 😦

I’d heard that the primer was tinted but I still wasn’t prepared for how orange it is. Maybe it’s because I’ve finally lost all traces of my “summer tan” but this primer doesn’t blend seamlessly into the skin the way some You Tube reviewers have said. It definitely leaves a visible peachy orange tint and I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone lighter than NC15.

The texture of this primer is very thin and liquid-y. If you’re used to Smashbox Photofinish or Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel, the Rimmel will seem runny to you. It doesn’t have that silicone-y, gel texture.

As for the Stay Matte foundation, I knew in advance I wasn’t going to be a fan, and I’m not, but not for the reasons I originally thought. It’s actually not as super matte as I’d feared but for a foundation it has the coverage of a tinted moisturizer. It’s sheer-light and fails to mask any major imperfections (spots, redness, hyperpigmentation, etc.). It also applies really streaky and patchy. I’ve tried applying this foundation with my fingers, a damp sponge, and my beloved Sigma F80 but this foundation never blends into my skin completely. It just seems to sit on top of my skin and look like makeup. I don’t know how else to describe it.

The only good thing about Stay Matte is that it has some yellow-based shades. I find it really difficult finding non-pink/orange foundations at the drugstore. However, the Stay Matte in Ivory is a touch too dark for me. I can kind of make it work but I’m NC15-20 and chose the lightest shade, 100 Ivory, so I don’t think paler ladies will be able to find a match.

ETA: I washed my face and redid my makeup, this time with the Fix & Perfect primer underneath the Stay Matte foundation. I can get away with wearing the foundation on its own even though it’s ever so slightly too dark, but coupled with the orange tint of the primer…no can do. My face ends up looking about a shade darker than my neck and chest. It kind of looks like I overdid it a bit with a bronzer. I think wearing one or the other on its own is okay but together is disastrous on me.


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  1. >WOW! That's a killer deal! In Canada these two would end up costing around $10. It's actually cheaper for me to buy makeup online because the same makeup in retail stores are just more expensive here…Just discovered this blog! You've got awesome hauls!

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