Hunting for oranges

Orange lips and cheeks are supposed to be trendy colors for spring and summer, and as you’re probably aware I’ve been scouring drugstores and the beauty supply store for affordable options.

I know that Revlon has a couple of orange lipsticks but I wanted something even cheaper. $8 is a lot for a drugstore lipstick, and I try to avoid paying retail if I can help it. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across any awesome Revlon sales or coupons lately.

I’ve also been searching for orange cream and powder blushes. I want to try NYX’s Orange creme blush but only one store near me carries NYX and only a very limited selection (no creme blush). I’ve seen several coral blushes at the drugstore but nothing truly orange.

Then one day it suddenly occurred to me…why don’t I just use an orange eyeshadow as blush? And an orange lipstick can double as both lipstick and cream blush. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. I mean I have Stila Convertible Colors that double as lip and cheek products.

I went to the local beauty supply store with that in mind and, lucky for me, they had added some beautiful orange shades to the Nicka K cosmetics display. I grabbed a Nicka K lipstick in Orange Tint ($0.99), a Nicka K eyeshadow trio in Sunset ($2.99), and a Nicka K HD eyeshadow in 3027 ($1.99).

Orange Tint has been the orange lip and cheek color I’ve been searching for and I hope the camera/monitor doesn’t make it look too red because it isn’t red at all. I recently blogged about another orange lipstick — Absolute! Lucky Day — that I love but that one’s more of an orange-red (heavier on the red than orange). Orange Tint is as close to a true orange color that I’ve seen in the low-end/drugstore price range and it has a non-shimmer creme finish (my fave!). Imagine a Crayola crayon in Orange and you’ll have a good approximation of the color in real life. Orange Tint goes on a little sheer which makes it ideal for a creme blush (I don’t want clown cheeks), but it’s very buildable as you can tell from the swatch. Since it’s so inexpensive, I think I’ll go back and get another tube; one tube for my cheeks and another just for my lips.

I purchased the Sunset trio mainly for the middle color, but I really like that light yellowy apricot shade and think it’d be a pretty all-over lid shade. I don’t know if I could pull off the darkest red shade on my eyes but it would make a beautiful red blush. All three shades have a subtle shimmer.

The HD eyeshadow in 3027 is a muted pumpkin/rusty orange shade that has a gorgeous shimmery sheen. The quality of the HD eyeshadows is fantastic. For powders they’re almost creamy; they’re so smooth and very pigmented yet easy to blend. I can see myself wearing 3027 as both blush and eyeshadow very often since the shade is very soft and mellow (for an orange).

I’m quite satisfied with my orange purchases so I’ll be obsessing about a new color next. I’m thinking aqua…


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  1. >@MakeupediaUnfortunately, no, at least not to my knowledge :(I've only come across Nicka K products at beauty supply stores.

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