NOTD: N.Y.C. Lincoln Square Lavender

I have a ton of untried nail polishes but I simply couldn’t wait to paint my nails with Lincoln Square Lavender. It looks so pretty in the bottle. How could I resist?

Lincoln Square Lavender ($1.99) is a lavender pink with a creme finish.

I already loved N.Y.C.’s Quick Dry nail polish formula but, if Lincoln Square Lavender is any indication, the formula of the new shades is even better! I did two coats out of habit — I don’t feel my manicure’s “complete” unless I do at least two coats 😛 — but could’ve gotten away with one coat of Lincoln Square Lavender; it’s surprisingly opaque.

I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo but Lincoln Square Lavender comes off brighter and and more vivid on my nails, and not as pale and milky as it looks in the bottle. That’s not a big deal to me because I think the color looks rather good against my skin tone. I love purple polishes but it’s always a struggle to find one that works because most purples really emphasize the yellowness of my skin and make me look jaundiced. I think Lincoln Square Lavender works for me because it has a good amount of pink in it.

If you’ve never tried N.Y.C. Quick Dry polishes, have tried them before but haven’t been impressed, or even if you’re already a fan I highly recommend Lincoln Square Lavender. Not only is the color perfect for the Spring/Summer but I think the formula of this particular shade is quite good and noticeably better than other Quick Dry polishes that I own.


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