Please help me ID these Essie nail polishes

I have a love/hate relationship with Essie nail polishes. Love the colors, especially the brights, but hate how long they take to dry on me. I can paint my nails at 1:00 in the afternoon and still wake up to sheet marks on my nails the next morning. I’ve tried using a fast dry top coat such as Seche Vite on top of Essie but that only dries the surface; the layers underneath remain soft and malleable and prone to dents.

The only time I buy Essie polishes is when I spot them in clearance bins at the drugstore for $1-$2. However, the bottles that show up in the clearance bins are usually there because they’re missing their shade name labels.

Last month, I picked up two Essie polishes. One is a bright coral and the other is pink. Both are cremes (no shimmer) and both bottles don’t have shade names.

I’ve worn both shades a couple of times and I’ve gotten compliments and questions about them each time. I feel so awful when someone asks me what color I’m wearing and I’m unable to tell them. It’s not that I don’t want to. I just can’t.

So this is where you all come in. Hopefully, someone out there in the blogiverse will be able to recognize my mystery nail polishes. 

The nail polishes in question are the left bottle and the right bottle. The middle bottle is Wife Goes On which I stuck in the picture in an attempt to give you a frame of reference.

Here’s a pic of the partial label that’s left on the mystery coral nail polish. Maybe someone will recognize the list of ingredients.

Thanks in advance for any and all help. I’ve already asked on the MUA nail board and some suggestions I’ve gotten include Knockout Pout, Cute as a Button, and Tarte Deco. Perhaps some of you can confirm or reject those suggestions.

Note: I’m sorry that the picture’s blurry but after all this time I still can’t figure out how to zoom in really close with my camera. With most cameras I’ve used in the past it’s usually the macro (flower icon) button but even when I have it in the macro setting I can’t seem to do extreme close-ups and still remain in focus. If any of you have ever used a Sony Cybershot DSC-W190 let me know what settings I should use. I’ve read the manual but the section on macro and zooming are only one paragraph long and they don’t say much. I never had problems zooming in with my old Canon Powershot and Nikon Coolpix cameras. I think I’m going to put myself on a makeup no-buy and save up for a new camera.


3 thoughts on “Please help me ID these Essie nail polishes

  1. >is the more corally one Essie mini Shorts?I cant tell if it is more orange than mini shorts or not. the pink one looks like it could be essoe status symbol (though i think that may be slightly brighter in color)

  2. >@JaymeThanks for the help 🙂 I'm going to paint my nails with both mystery colors and take myself down to the drugstore. Hopefully, my nails will match one of the essie bottles there. @AyaI picked them up from the drugstore a couple of months ago and I've been waiting for some nice, warm weather to start painting my nails with some bright, fun spring/summer colors. But the weatherman's been saying that there'll be snow and sleet. Yuck. Guess I'll hold off on using them for a little bit longer 😦

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