Absolute! Lip Color – Lucky Day

Here’s that Absolute! lipstick that I briefly mentioned (but forgot to photograph) in one of my recent beauty supply haul blog entries.

Absolute! is the sister brand of Nicka K and can be found in most beauty supply stores. The Absolute! Lip Color lipsticks retail for $1.49 each and come in a variety of shades and finishes. 

Orange lips and blush are supposed to be very trendy for the upcoming Spring/Summer season and I’ve been searching for some affordable options at drugstores and beauty supply stores.

Nicka K and Absolute! do have a few orange options but I decided to go with Lucky Day (AA325) which is a orange-red with super fine microshimmer and really good color payoff. Honestly, I didn’t even realize that it had shimmer until after I went to clean the swatch from my hand and noticed the tiny shimmer it left behind. On my lips Lucky Day looks like a straight-up creme finish lipstick. For the shimmer/glitter-phobes out there I have to stress that the shimmer in this is ultra, ultra fine to the point that it’s almost undetectable.

The texture is extremely smooth and creamy. It has a lot of slip but I wouldn’t call it greasy.

I’m quite pleased with the color. Lucky Day is bright but not shockingly neon. It’s surprisingly wearable and brightens up my complexion.

I can see myself wearing it often in the upcoming weeks/months except with a clear or sheer orange gloss on top simply because I have lots of fine lines on my lips (that’s just the way they’ve always been) and gloss helps to blur the lines and smooths everything out.


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