What’s Mimsy Eating? Steamed Pork Buns

I’ve been cooking up a storm lately. I’ve really been into exploring my heritage by making Chinese food, and for the past week or two I’ve been cranking about steamed buns (bao). The fillings are pretty easy to figure out, but my dough needs perfecting. I’ve searched and tried a bunch of different recipes floating on the internet and I think I’m getting close…I’m not quite there yet though. There’s still a lot of tweaking that needs to be done. Once I figure it out I’ll be sure to share the recipe.

The major problem I’ve been running into is that most of the recipes for steamed buns are posted by native (bilingual) Chinese. On the one hand, that’s good because it’s more authentic getting a Chinese recipe from a Chinese person; on the other hand, they all use the metric system (grams, milliliters, etc.) so I have to convert everything into U.S. cups (which is apparently different from a British cup measurement?), teaspoons, and tablespoons. Sometimes that doesn’t work out too well. I’m using internet measurement converters but none of them seem to agree on the same conversion factor! It would be so much easier if American schools taught the metric system (for more than a few days/weeks in the curriculum!). T_T

Anyway, for my first attempt I made steamed buns with a ground pork and Napa cabbage (a.k.a. Chinese cabbage) filling seasoned with chopped shiitake mushrooms, scallions, ginger, soy sauce, and oyster sauce.

They came out really well (they taste right at least) but I think my pleating still needs some work. I’m feeling confident though so tonight I’m going to attempt making more steamed buns but with a Chinese BBQ pork (char siu/cha shao) filling. Wish me luck. ^.^


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