Why are you discontinuing my favorites, N.Y.C.?

New York Color has updated their website layout and product listing (they’ve added the new 2011 products like the revamped Liquid Lip Shines) and I’ve noticed that some of my favorite products from their brand are no longer there!

I guess I was right when I suspected that they were discontinuing the Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Peach Glow. I recently purchased a backup of the powder from the Dollar Tree (the place where all discontinued drugstore products wind up) and I knew in my gut that it was a bad sign. Well, the updated N.Y.C. website no longer has a listing for Peach Glow. The Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powders are now only available in four shades: Translucent Highlighter Glow, Pink Glow, All Over Bronze Glow, and Rose Glow. Cue sad face. 😦

Another favorite of mine is their 99 cent nail polish in Love Letters. It’s a beautiful, sheer, pink shimmer polish that’s great for layering over other colors. It’s no longer listed with the other 99 cent Long Wearing Nail Enamels. Love Letters is still available in stores near me so I guess I’ll have to stock up before it’s gone.

Other 99 cent polish shades that appear to be discontinued are: Wing It Wine Creme, Polyester Pink Creme, White Lights Glitter, and Love Me Red (I love this one!).

On the bright side, N.Y.C. is adding more shades to their Quick Dry nail polish line. I’m pretty sure these are new: Prospect Park Pink, Radio City Rose, Murray Hill Mauve, Lincoln Square Lavender, Battery Park Purple, Fashion Ave Fuchsia, Sidewalkers, and Bowery Black. I can’t wait to see them in person!

Have you looked at the new website yet and noticed any other missing/discontinued items?


5 thoughts on “Why are you discontinuing my favorites, N.Y.C.?

  1. >Oh NO!! Wing It Wine is my favorite! I only have half a bottle left 😦 Disappointing! I'll have to stock up if I see it somewhere.

  2. >@SusalieI'm on a mission to find Wing It Wine, the cool duo chrome one. I have a bottle of this polish but it looks nothing like the one others have blogged about. @YukiI'm definitely going to buy a backup of Love Letters. It's such a great shimmer top coat at 99 cents or any price range.

  3. >I hit up my Dollar Tree about once a week (it's next to my grocery store), but missed it last week since I shopped at a different grocery store. Now I'll have to make it a point to check it out and hopefully some of these nail polishes will be there. I am bummed that so far that peach blush hasn't been there since you found that in Feb. One thing I did find on my last trip was that Almay Dial Up mascara. I haven't tried it yet since I have like 4 mascaras open already and would like to try to use those up first. But I thought I'd give you a heads up to look for it if you have any interest. It's only a dollar! lol

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