Spotted at the Dollar Tree: Limited Edition N.Y.C. Quick Dry nail polishes

N.Y.C.’s $1.99 In a New York Minute Quick Dry (in the tapered bottles) is probably my favorite nail polish line from the drugstore.

Unlike Essie and Sinful Colors, I rarely have any problems with N.Y.C.’s Quick Dry formula which dries pretty quickly (duh!) and is usually opaque in two coats. [I’ve only had issues with some of the paler shades from specific N.Y.C. limited edition collections (Orange Creamsicle and Pink Poodle)]. I’m also a big fan of the Quick Dry brush applicator (wide and flat) and the range of colors.

Imagine my surprise and glee when I spotted the Quick Dry polishes at the Dollar Tree, especially my two favorite limited edition shades: Red Stiletto and Sun Goddess!

Red Stiletto, a deep red creme, is a polish from N.Y.C.’s Limited Edition “Frankly Scarlet” Winter 2009 collection. I bought a bottle back in ’09 and ever since then I’ve wished that I had bought a backup. It’s just such a lovely red.

Sun Goddess is a shimmery peachy bronze polish from N.Y.C.’s Limited Edition “Golden Girl” Summer 2009 collection. This is probably my favorite summer nail polish EVER and I definitely wish I had stocked up. It’s so gorgeous and so perfectly named. I have a hard time stopping my sister from stealing it for herself. Haha.

I was also extremely happy to see the long discontinued Taxi Cab Yellow nail polish from N.Y.C.’s 99 cent line. I’d heard last year that people spotted this polish at the Dollar Tree so I though I had missed my chance. When I saw it today, of course I had to grab it.

I wasn’t really interested in the frosty pink polish but it came packaged with Sun Goddess. Oh well. Maybe it’ll turn out to be a hidden gem 😀

I love finding goodies at the Dollar Tree. 4 nail polishes for $2 is a great deal, especially for those LE shades. I paid full price ($1.99 each) for those back in ’09.


2 thoughts on “Spotted at the Dollar Tree: Limited Edition N.Y.C. Quick Dry nail polishes

  1. >I didn't know Taxi Cab Yellow is discontinued! I'll have to check my Dollar Tree to see if they have any of the quick dry polishes.. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. >I think they discontinued it a year or two ago. I tried to get my hands on it when I first heard they were no longer going to make it. But I guess everyone thought the same thing and stocked up before I had a chance to buy one 😛 I'm so glad I spotted it today. It was the only one left. I hope you're able to find it at your Dollar Tree, too 🙂

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