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My mom sent me a big box of stuff from Taiwan. It arrived in two days via EMS.

Before she left NY, I gave my mom a big list of beauty items (skincare, comsetics, and snacks) that I wanted to try, so when the package arrived I was really excited. However, she didn’t send any of the things from my list T_T

I appreciate the thought but I’m not sure why she chose many of the items she did. I mainly asked for products that you can only get in Asia but a lot of the products she sent can be purchased here in the States.

So what was in the box? Let’s see. 

Mom, for real? She goes to Taiwan and sends me a jar of Nutella. LOL This is what I mean about some odd picks. I can never have too much Nutella but I can buy my own from the local supermarket.

She also sent some instant soup packets, instant noodles, and other instant meal options for me to try which I suspect I can probably get at the Chinese supermarket nearby.

I think the Oreos are Asia-exclusive products. One is an Oreo Soft Cake and the other is a box of Oreo Star cookies.

I had actually been snacking on some (U.S.) Oreos so I can compare the Asian Oreo Star cookies to them. The Star cookie is a single chocolate wafer cookie, similar in texture to the chocolate cookie in the American Oreo, with a little star-shaped hollow that’s filled with a subtly sweet milk flavored cream. The Asian Oreos are also significantly less sweet than the American version.

As for the Oreo Soft Cake, it’s not bad but you might not enjoy it if you’re used to the sweetness of Yodels, Ding Dongs, and other Drake’s and Hostess snack cakes. Like the Oreo Star cookies, the Oreo Soft Cake isn’t very sugary either. It tastes a lot like the Korean snack cake Choco Pie if you’ve ever had those.

I’ve read that Kraft Foods purposely made Oreos less sweet to suit the Asian palette. Good idea, I think. Growing up I always thought that Oreos were way too sweet and I would often scrape the cream off and throw it away. I never even wanted to try the American Double Stuff or chocolate covered Oreos because they sounded like a cavity waiting to happen.

Next, more instant soups and dried seaweed. It’s so weird that she sent me furikake. When I was younger she would never let me buy any because she said it was a waste of money and I could make my own by crumbling some nori and adding MSG, salt, sesame seeds, etc.

Here are some more seaweed related products and also a lot of white-out tape thingies (not sure about the technical name of these but you can find similar ones at Staples). My mother also sent some SD cards and USB flash drives which are apparently really cheap over there.

She threw in some souvenir nail clippers from my cousin who lives in Malaysia. Perhaps one of you can tell me which building is represented on the clippers.

Here are some pens and another memory stick, and last but not least some makeup items. I think the Maybelline Magnum mascara is just the Colossal mascara renamed for the Asian market. The Magnum and Colossal mascaras both contain collagen and the yellow packaging of the American and Asian mascaras look very similar.

She also sent a Maybelline BB cream primer. I admit I was a bit curious about this product but she sent me Shade 2 which I think may turn out to be too dark for me. If it is, I’ll give it to my sister.

I did ask my mom for some bb creams but I wanted to try ones from Asian brands like L’Egere, Etude House, Skin79, The Face Shop, Skin Food, Elisha Coy, BRTC, Dr. Jart, Kiss Me Heroine Make, etc. Hopefully, the next package she sends contains some products from my list 😀


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  1. >That's really cute that your mother sent you Nutella from Taiwan, even though you can get it here 🙂 I'd love to see more about the Maybelline BB cream if it matches your skin!

  2. >LOL-ed too..XD yeah, I know of your frustration! My sis is a stewardess and I asked her to buy stuff all the time and she always NOT buy anything that I asked..XXD And its always the same excuse about not knowing where to find the brand that I'm talking about (apparently, she's only interested in high end brands like Chanel, lancome and the rest =\)aah, that's Petronas Twin tower! LOL at it being a nail clipper..I! XD The designer of the building must be pretty sad to see that. Anyway I can get you stuff from Etude House, Skin79, The Face Shop, Skin Food, BRTC, Dr. Jart, Kiss Me Heroine Make and etc too..XXD well, if your mom didn't get it for you though..

  3. >Haha, the same thing happened with me and my aunt. I wanted her to pick up some sheet masks and mascara while she was in China. But your mom seems so sweet to send food, it's like a care package. 🙂 I think sometimes we beauty addicts don't realize we live in a different world than most people. We expect people to know Etude House and Skin Food, lol. I've found that it helps to be extremely specific about what you want. Send a list with the name and brand of the exact product you're looking for. If you can get the translated Chinese name, even better. And also it helps to supply a list of locations where they might be found. That increases your chances of getting what you want. I finally got my mascara this way, hope this helps!

  4. >@SusalieHaha. I know, right! I'll do an update w/ swatches of the Maybelline bb cream soon :)@princessbelle My mom's so silly :)@aisyah De CullenThanks for letting me know what's on the nail clippers. LOL You're so sweet for offering but my mom's going to be in Taiwan for another 2-3 months so I think there's still a chance that she'll get me some of the things I asked for. But thank you :D@AngelicaIt really is like a care package. LOLAnd thanks for the suggestion! I just sent her an email with a list of items I want and pictures of the exact products attached, too.

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