NOTD: Sally Hansen Strobe Light + NYC Classic Coral Creme

I really wanted to try Teenage Dream from the new OPI/Katy Perry nail polish collection but didn’t feel like spending the money.

I’d read on various message boards and blogs that Strobe Light from Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear collection’s supposed to be a dupe and when Michele1218 on You Tube showed the polishes in one of her recent videos I decided to give it a shot.

I’ve actually had Strobe Light for a long time now but rarely use it because chunky glitter polishes are a pain to remove. I’ve heard they’re a cinch to remove if you use felt. I always mean to go out and buy a big square but keep on forgetting 😛 

Last week I wore Strobe Light (3 coats) on its own and I have to say it’s close but compared to swatch pics of Teenage Dream that I’ve seen online it isn’t a spot-on dupe. Teenage Dream seems to have more of a pink base while Strobe Light is holographic and pink glitter in a very clear base.

I didn’t give up on trying to dupe Teenage Dream though so this week I tried to layer Strobe Light over a sheer pink polish.

I chose NYC Classic Coral Creme as my sheer pink base. I’ve actually blogged before about Classic Coral Creme before and it’s one of my favorite summer polishes. To achieve the color in the bottle I normally need to apply three coats of Classic Coral Creme. However, since I needed a super sheer pink for my Teenage Dream dupe attempt I only applied one coat in this case. I then applied two coats of Strobe Light over that.

My results are a little disappointing. The pink base I chose is a little too bright but I’m still kind of pleased with my Strobe Light/Classic Coral Creme combo. It’s a bit gaudy but fun and girly.

I think perhaps next time I’ll try NYC Love Letters as a base; it’s a lot lighter and paler than Classic Coral Creme.


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  1. >I like your combo! Very fun and girly. 🙂 I want "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry and OPI but sadly, we don't have any nail shops that sell new OPI collections and colors. *Sigh*

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