Things I’m Currently Loving/Not Loving

Being a chocolate lover I felt the need to write about my current favorite obsession: Hawaiian Host chocolates. A one-pound box comes with 28 pieces of milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

The best thing about them is not only is the chocolate pretty damn tasty but they don’t skimp on the nuts either. Each piece of chocolate comes with (at least) two huge macadamia nuts. Sometimes a little baby nut slips in if I’m lucky, making it three nuts per chocolate. woohoo! 

I pulled out my handy dandy ruler and each of the huge macadamias measure 1-inch in length, and some are actually a bit bigger. I’ve eaten this brand of chocolates before and the amazing thing about them is none of the macadamias are ever rancid in flavor. They’re all delicious and fresh tasting, not to mention large.

Moving onto disappointing chocolates I’ve eaten lately, we have See’s chocolates. I’ve heard lots of positive reviews about this company’s candies so I felt kind of let down when I finally had the opportunity to try some for myself.

I received a one-pound box of See’s chocolates for Christmas and it contains a variety of dark chocolate covered nuts and caramels. Not only am I not impressed by their chocolate I’m also not a fan of their caramels which I find overly sweet, especially the ones with a layer of caramel and a layer of marshmallow (yes, marshmallow) (・_・)

Definitely not one of my favorite chocolate brands.

Last disappointment of the past few weeks is a Syfy channel show called Face Off. It’s a new reality competition program along the lines of Project Runway and Top Chef except Face Off’s contestants are all aspiring special effects makeup artists.

Face Off is hosted by McKenzie Westmore who we learn from the program is descended from a long line of Hollywood makeup artists. However, some (myself included) may be more familiar with her work in American daytime soap operas. For years she played Sheridan Crane on Passions and, more recently, crazy Dr. Sinclair on All My Children.

I was so looking forward to Face Off when I first heard about it but, I don’t know, I’m just really not feeling it now that I’ve watched the first few episodes. Honestly, I get bored watching the show and find myself spacing out until the end of each episode when the contestants make their final presentations. I think the rest of the show is fast-forward worthy.

I’ll continue watching the rest of the series but mainly for the last 10 minutes of each episode. The makeup’s worth watching, the rest…meh, not so much. I don’t feel invested, or interested, in any of the contestants. They, along with the host and judges, just seem rather dull personality-wise.

The process of creating/applying the makeup should be gripping but, the way they film it, I’m not interested at all.

To add to all of that, the show feels rather formulaic. I feel it’s following the format of shows like Top Chef without offering anything new or exciting. Instead of Top Chef’s Quick Fire and Elimination challenges, we get Foundation and Spotlight challenges. Same thing, just a different name. Been there, done that.

I wish competitive reality shows would come up with some new ideas.

I’m still hoping that maybe Face Off will get better as the series goes on. I guess we’ll see but I’m not loving it so far.

2 thoughts on “Things I’m Currently Loving/Not Loving

  1. >I've been meaning to catch up on Face Off. The previews for it looked fascinating. That's too bad that the way it's filmed makes it uninteresting 😦

  2. >It may just be me though. I've seen other bloggers talk positively about the show. Maybe I've just overdosed on competitive reality shows. Perhaps if you don't watch a lot of shows like this it would be more enjoyable. I can't say. But I've watched competition shows about hair cutting and even dog grooming with a similar game format, so I think Face Off was the final straw for me.

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