Qianyu Eye Shadow Palettes

As you’re all probably aware, I like to visit my local beauty supply store every week for skincare and beauty products. Occasionally, they have some new Nicka K products out on display but this past Sunday they put out something totally new to their store. They had a bunch of eye shadow palettes and blush/highlighter compacts from a Chinese brand called Qianyu.

Let me tell you, I was shocked because I’ve seen various Asian bloggers including Malaysian blogger Connie of Skin Deco rave about their cheap-o Qianyu palettes. I was a bit envious because I love inexpensive (but great) makeup myself and thought I would never get a chance to try the brand out, so naturally when I saw the Qianyu palettes on display I had to grab a few. Haha! 😛

The beauty supply store did have a few Qianyu palettes that kind of looked like the Absolute! palette I recently purchased except in more neutral, softer shades but, of course, I was drawn to the heart palettes. How could I resist?

They only had 4 different varieties of the 6-pan Qianyu palettes available so, no shock, I grabbed one of each.

I purchased 01 (gold/green palette), 04 (pink/purple palette), 05 (peach/light brown palette), and 06 (brown/dark brown palette). The only ones I’m missing from the set are 02 (gray/blue palette) and 03 (smoky palette) and you can bet I’ll grab those as well if they ever appear at the store.

For the longest time I’ve wanted Japanese drugstore eye shadow palettes but these Qianyu palettes have sort of satisfied that desire.

Don’t they kind of remind you of Integrate’s Rainbow Grade Eyes palettes from the Fall 2010 collection? I’d been lemming those Integrate palettes but I wasn’t willing to pay the exorbitant mark-up and s/h fees that many e-tailers or eBayers charge. Qianyu palettes to the rescue! Now I don’t feel like I need/want those Japanese palettes anymore.

I know some people are going to turn their noses up at these Qianyu palettes simply because they’re made in China or cheap. To you I say, “Pfft.” I’m sure my new Qianyu palettes will become close friends with my Chinese (Made in China) wet n wild coloricon trios. I’m certain many of you will agree that the wet n wild coloricon trios and palettes rival some high-end cosmetics in terms of quality, and won’t discriminate simply based on price or place of origin.

Sorry, but I haven’t done any swatches yet.

When you get a new cosmetic product aren’t there times when you just want to stare at it for awhile? The limited edition MAC blush with the gold seahorse comes to mind. I remember hearing that some people bought backups of the MAC Marine Life blush — one to use, and one to keep (unused forever) for their “collection.” Well, I’ll definitely use the Qianyu palettes eventually but I just want to gaze lovingly at them for awhile longer. I hope you understand.

One of my fingers did accidentally slip and touch a shadow when I opened a palette. Nooooooooooo!!! (That was my reaction when it happened.) Based on that quick swatch alone I could tell that the shadow is really soft and pigmented. I don’t know if the same can be said of all the colors in the palette but so far I’m pleased and I look forward to using them. By the way, all the shadows appear to have a high shimmer or pearl finish, so for those of you that prefer mattes these palettes are not for you.

But no worries, folks. I’ll post some swatches when I get tired of just staring at the eye shadows.


4 thoughts on “Qianyu Eye Shadow Palettes

  1. >Those are really pretty palettes! If you love them, you love them 🙂 There should be no reason to judge from the country of origin. From what I recall, most things are made in China anyway :p Even a lot of high end makeup!

    • As a makeup Aficionado, I agree with what you say. Not because a makeup brand is inexpensive, it doesn’t mean it’s not good…

  2. Qianyu eyeshadow palettes are definitely awesome! I could say it is at par with an expensive brand…

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