Review: Rave for the *new* NYC Liquid Lip Shine lip glosses

For 2011, New York Color cosmetics has relaunched their Liquid Lip Shine glosses with all new shades and packaging. Continue reading if you want to know what I think about them.

Ever since I heard that N.Y.C. would be revamping their Liquid Lip Shine line of lip glosses I’ve been keeping an eye out for them, and about a week ago I finally spotted them at my local Duane Reade drugstore. The new Liquid Lip Shines weren’t in the end cap display with the rest of N.Y.C.’s core collection. Instead, I found them in a counter display along with the new N.Y.C. lip stains. [ETA: These products are not limited edition. According to N.Y.C., this is a sneak peek of their new 2011 products. Once the items in the temporary counter displays are sold out they’ll be gone for awhile. But they’ll reappear around March as part of the permanent N.Y.C. store display.] If I remember correctly, there were ten new shades of the Liquid Lip Shine glosses in the display, including a clear gloss. Each lip gloss costs $2.49 and comes with 0.24 fluid ounces (7.2 ml) of product.

Right off the bat, one can’t help but notice that the package design has been changed. The old packaging was a skinny rectangular shape whereas the new packaging resembles the Cover Girl Wetslicks lip gloss packaging, except slightly longer and thicker.

The five shades I selected are Brighton Beach Peach, Nude York City, Honey on the Hudson, Fashion Ave Fuchsia, and Midtown Mulberry. Like most of New York Color’s newer products, the shade names of the new Liquid Lip Shine glosses are inspired by locations in New York City. This is a noticeable difference from the old Liquid Lip Shine glosses that had random shade names like Pink Sand or Sun Gold Pink.

Of the five shades I purchased, only Midtown Mulberry has a creme finish. The rest of the shades contain a very fine micro-shimmer, another huge departure from the old Liquid Lip Shine glosses which, if they didn’t contain shimmer, were seriously frosty. The micro-shimmer in the new glosses is extremely subtle; it adds dimension to my lips without looking shimmery. Think of the micro-shimmer in Revlon Super Lustrous Nude Lustre. Same effect.

Speaking of Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses, I think if you like those then you’ll probably like the new Liquid Lip Shines. They have a very similar texture. If I had to nitpick I would say that the N.Y.C. glosses are perhaps the tiniest bit more dry but not by much. They’re smooth, creamy, and non-sticky.

Compared to the old formula Liquid Lip Shines, the new formula is slightly less thick.

The pigmentation varies from shade to shade. Some are more sheer while others have excellent color payoff.

As for scent, I would say that the new Liquid Lip Shines have a soft caramel-vanilla scent but no flavor. It’s not an intense scent by any means and fades quickly after application. This is a huge improvement over the old Liquid Lip Shines I have which smelled and tasted strongly of soap. I’ve heard that at one point the old Liquid Lip Shines did receive an upgrade in flavor/scent but mine are the really old ones that taste disgusting. Why did I keep them? Because I knew that one day the glosses would receive a makeover and I wanted to be able to compare/contrast them for a review. As soon as this review gets posted, into the trash they’ll go. Finally! 🙂

Another improvement, and probably the biggest one in my opinion, is the new wand design. The old Liquid Lip Shines had a stubby little doe foot applicator that was painfully scratchy. No joke. Hard pieces of plastic poked through the sponge tip to stab and scratch at my lip.

The new Liquid Lip Shine wand has a much longer sponge tip with a narrow paddle-like shape; the front is flat and wider than the side.

The new wand is also very flexible, allowing it to hug the shape and curve of your lips very easily. I love it!

To sum up, I think N.Y.C. has changed the Liquid Lip Shines for the better. The logo and packaging doesn’t look as cheap, the non-sticky formula is wonderful, they’ve done away with the foul flavor/scent, the colors are far more wearable than their frosty predecessors, and the wand has been greatly improved. The new glosses get nothing but praise from me. I love them and totally recommend them!

Up next: Swatches!


11 thoughts on “Review: Rave for the *new* NYC Liquid Lip Shine lip glosses

  1. >It seems a lot of brands have created flexible wands. It's weird as you would have thought that type of "technology" had been around for awhile, but both Revlon (Colorburst) and now NYC have jumped on the bandwagon. Wonder which other brands will follow. =)

  2. >These sound excellent 🙂 Low prices, good quality, can't go wrong there! I really like NYC's new packaging; you're right, they look less cheap.

  3. >@Jeweled ThumbOh, the Revlon CB, too? I need to check those out. @SusalieThe new glosses are really great. I love cheap thrills 🙂

  4. >I wish they didn't get rid of the old ones! The cappuccino one was a holy grail item for me.. it's been tough. Do you know any makeup brand that has a good dupe for the old liquid lip shines?

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