New York Color Liquid Lip Shine Swatches (Pic Heavy)

Top to Bottom: Brighton Beach Peach, Nude York City, Honey on the Hudson, Fashion Ave Fuchsia, Midtown Mulberry.

As I mentioned in my review of the new N.Y.C. Liquid Lip Shines, all of the shades I bought contain micro-shimmer except for Midtown Mulberry which has a creme finish. Colors run the gamut from nude to neutral to bright. Pigmentation varies from shade to shade. Some are more on the sheer side while others have better color payoff which, hopefully, you’ll be able to see in the swatch photos.

I only have five of the shades but if I had to recommend one shade I would pick Midtown Mulberry.

Why Midtown Mulberry? The color payoff is really good and it has a creme finish which is my personal preference. Fashion Ave Fuchsia is a lovely shade too but the brighter, blue-toned pink color may be a little more difficult to wear for some.

That’s all for swatches, and a good thing too because my lips are feeling a little raw from repeatedly applying and wiping off the lip glosses :p

And in case you’re wondering how Revlon Nude Lustre compares since I mentioned it in my review, here it is next to the Liquid Lip Shine swatches. Sorry, I couldn’t help but glop it on. I’m nearly finished with my tube of Nude Lustre so I had to dig in there with the wand and ended up pulling out way more gloss than I intended.


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  1. >Really great review! It's hard for me to know what to choose since you can't test it at Duane Reade. Showing the swatches helped so much. I went out and got the peach & mulberry ones!

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