Friday shopping: New York Color foundation and lip glosses & Lip Smacker 100% Natural

Thursday’s usually the day of the week when I go grocery shopping but this week my dad needed some assistance so I tagged along and did my shopping with him today. My mom’s overseas right now so I’m helping my father out with groceries, cooking and other random odds and ends.

As thanks he paid for some new items he knew I had my eyes on. I selected a few of the reformulated NYC Liquid Lip Shines. I have some of the old Liquid Lip Shines (not a fan) but the ones I saw in the counter display today are all new shades in new and different packaging. They were $2.39 each at Duane Reade.

I also saw a separate counter display of the new NYC Skin Matching Foundation and Concealers. I picked the second lightest shade (Light) which cost $3.99 at Duane Reade but skipped the liquid concealers which all looked way too light. There was a lighter foundation in Fair (?) but that one looked slightly more pink/orange to me.

Finally, at the supermarket I grabbed one of the Lip Smackers 100% Natural lip balms in the Natural Pink Guava flavor for $2.25. Sounds tasty. I haven’t had a Lip Smacker since 5th grade and I don’t remember being a fan of it. Maybe these 100% Natural Lip Smackers are better than the original ones.

I’ll update with swatches of the lip glosses and post more info about the foundation and lip balm when I’ve had a chance to use them.


3 thoughts on “Friday shopping: New York Color foundation and lip glosses & Lip Smacker 100% Natural

  1. >can you do a review on the lip smackers. I keep seeing it in the store and I really want to try it out. However I heard it "gritty" feeling.

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