Walgreens Haul – EOS, wet n wild

I wanted to post this blog entry up before the end of the week since wet n wild and EOS lip balms are on sale this week at Walgreens.

I’ve always been curious about the EOS lip balms. People either seem to really love it or really hate it. They’re $2.99 this week at Walgreens with a $2 Register Reward, so basically they’re only 99 cents. My store only had the Summer Fruit and Honeysuckle Honeydew flavors so I chose the latter. Here’s hoping I like it.

So I paid for the lip balm and got my Register Rewards first and then I continued shopping in the store for wet n wild products because they’re 50% off this week.

I almost missed the display of new 2011 wet n wild products because it was just hanging randomly off the side of an aisle. The new stuff wasn’t with the permanent wet n wild display and it wasn’t in the area where Walgreens usually places new collections or limited edition collections. In my store they hung the 2011 wet n wild multi-tiered display near the hair accessories.

Also, if you’re having difficulty finding the new 2011 collection at Walgreens or Rite Aid, check your supermarkets and grocery stores. I spotted two separate counter displays of the new items in the cosmetics aisle of a Pathmark supermarket. There was one small display of just the new trios sitting on one shelf and another small display of the new nail polishes sitting on another shelf. Just an FYI if you’re hunting for them.

Anyway, at Walgreens I decided to grab several of the coloricon eyeliner pencils and a few of the new coloricon eye shadow trios. Silent Treatment, the trio with the taupe shade that everyone’s been raving about, was on my shopping list but there was only one left in the display and, unfortunately, it was cracked. I also grabbed a Teal or No Teal nail polish because I’ve heard that some of the new formula shades are very sheer but this particular shade is quite opaque.

Swatches of the trios to follow so stay tuned 😀