More shoppin’ at the beauty supply store: Absolute! eye shadow palette in Rainbow

I really didn’t expect very much from this palette. I just happened to see it near the register while I was waiting in line to pay for my Nicka K HD eye shadows.

There was a display containing a bunch of these Absolute! brand “Perfect Ten Colors” eye shadow palettes. I think there were only two varieties but both contained very similar shades. If I remember correctly, the only difference was one contained a bright yellow and perhaps one more blue/green shade and the other palette had a bit more brown in it.

Even though it’s winter, I’m currently obsessed with bright colors so I had to scoop one up, especially since it was only $2.49. I’m not sure what the other palette is called but the palette I bought with the brighter colors is appropriately called “Rainbow” and contains 10 eye shadows along with a sponge-tip applicator.

I expected the colors to be much more sheer compared to the Nicka K but I was pleasantly surprised. Although the texture of the shadows isn’t as buttery smooth, the color payoff is still really great as you’ll be able to tell from the swatches.

The Rainbow palette probably isn’t the best palette for work or a professional environment but if you’re looking for an inexpensive palette with some fun, pigmented colors, do give it a try.



[oops, I didn’t realize that when I took the photos that I cut off the left- and right-most shades. You can still see them a little bit but I’ll try to update with better pics soon.]

Here’s a sampling of the shades in the Rainbow palette:


3 thoughts on “More shoppin’ at the beauty supply store: Absolute! eye shadow palette in Rainbow

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  2. I purchased the Absolute Perfect Twelve eyeshadow palette, not only are the colors nice but pair it with a primer and they last a LONG time! I did a test one day: NYX black eyehsadow with NYX primer on one eye & Absolute black (from the palette) eyeshadow with NYX primer on the other eye and SUPRISINGLY the Absolute/NYX combo lasted longer!!! About 8+ hours! I was sold. The palette only cost me 3.99 at my local BSS and has some really great colors. Just be sure, like I said to get a really good primer: I suggest NYX High Defintition, MAC Paints in Bare Canvas or Urban Decay Primer Potion)!

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