Beauty supply store haul: Nicka K HD eye shadows (Pic Heavy)

In the approximate three week hiatus I took from blogging I visited the beauty supply store several times and purchased a couple of items each time.

The beauty supply store I frequent isn’t a huge chain store like Sally’s Beauty. Rather, it’s a small, independent, mom & pop type of establishment that mainly supplies the local community and nearby salons. I like them because they carry some of the more widely known brands but also lesser known brands that I’ve never seen elsewhere. Also, since the beauty supply store is located in a neighborhood with a lot of ethnic diversity, the salespeople there are more familiar with my haircare/skincare needs. The store’s out of my way in Queens county but I live on Long Island in a primarily Caucasian town (according to the last census – 85% white, 1% African American, 9% Asian, and 5% other) and feel more comfortable shopping in a store where the employees are more knowledgeable about my specific needs. The owners are Korean and can speak English/Korean, one employee is Chinese-American and can speak English/Cantonese/Mandarin, and two are Hispanic/Latino and can speak Spanish/English. Needless to say, business is quite good there.

One brand at the beauty supply store that’s always of particular interest to me is Nicka K and its sub-brand Absolute!. Their packaging leaves a lot to be desired but the quality and the color payoff of the lip and eye products I’ve tried are extremely good. And, best of all, they’re cheap! 

I’ve raved before about Nicka K’s High Definition eye shadows here and here, and they’re still some of my favorites. For $1.49 (0.14 oz/4 g), you get highly pigmented shadows with a smooth, almost creamy texture. Every time I’m in the store I can’t help but grab a couple more shades.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any info about the Nicka K HD eye shadows on Nicka K’s website but the beauty supply store carries 35 shades. I have no idea if that’s the full range or simply a fraction of it.

Here’s my current collection of HD eye shadows. Three of them you’ve seen before and the rest I purchased recently. I just wanted you to be able to see them next to each other.

Argh! I was so upset when my finger slipped and I gouged a chunk out of 3014. What a waste of product 😦

Isn’t the golden taupe lovely? The dark blue…hmm…it applied more sheer than I expected but I think it’s still a very pretty color and has a beautiful sheen.

The only shade I was really disappointed with is 3033, the periwinkle shade. It was the least pigmented shade and I found it a bit chalky in texture. In general, the pastel shades were less pigmented and didn’t go on as buttery smooth as the darker shades.

Overall, I would still recommend these eye shadows if you can find them. There are some very interesting shades in the range. For instance, I’m always drawn towards this bright fuchsia shade with a blue duochrome. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’d ever use it but it’s still really cool to look at and I’ve debated with myself several times whether or not I should buy it.


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