Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Blush – Blushing Glow & Pink Glow (Pic Heavy)

As requested, here’s more info on the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear blushes that I purchased from the current CVS semi-annual clearance sale.

The two colors that I own are Blushing Glow (matte peach/apricot) and Pink Glow (matte peachy pink). The mineral blushes are usually $10-$11 regularly but these two shades in particular were reduced to $2.99 each.

Blushing Glow is my current new love and has reached HG (Holy Grail) status. It has excellent color payoff, the texture’s very fine and smooth, and the shade really complements my yellow toned, light skin. Pink Glow is also a pretty color and equally pigmented, but the pinker tones in it have a tendency of making me look sunburned if I’m not careful and accidentally use too much.

Both are great colors but Blushing Glow is simply more flattering on me. It’s foolproof; even if I make the mistake of over-applying it doesn’t look horrible.

One very IMPORTANT thing to note is that each blush is unique. Much like MAC MSF powders, not all of the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear blushes are created equal. Each blush has its own special marbling pattern which affects the overall shade. This is something I didn’t realize or consider until I photographed my haul in the last blog post.

[The Blushing Glow I’m currently using and loving is the the one in the upper right corner that has more apricot/less pink.]

To illustrate what I mean, take a look at the product photo (above) and the two swatch photos immediately below. All three blushes and all three swatches are of the same shade, Blushing Glow. Yet, depending on the ratio of the apricot to pink in the marbling you can get a blush that’s overall more apricot, salmon, or peach.

[The Blushing Glow I’m currently using is the left-most swatch.]

So when you’re out shopping for any of the mineral blushes, take a careful look at the color distribution in the marbling. If apricot/peachier colors are generally more flattering on you, go with a Mineral Wear blush that has more of that color. If pink is generally more flattering on you, then go with a Mineral Wear blush that has more pink.

The Mineral Wear blushes come with 0.19oz/5.5g of product. According to Physicians Formula they’re hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, talc-free, oil-free, non-comedogenic and supposedly great for sensitive and breakout-prone skin. I say supposedly because, not having sensitive or breakout-prone skin, I can’t really attest to the truth of that statement. As always, read lots of reviews, do your research and decide for yourself. I’ve included the list of ingredients in the photo below.

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  1. >Thanks for the tip, I picked up a blush with more peachy tones today based on what you wrote. :)Weird moment, but the CVS scanner spit out a PF $3 off coupon today. Guess it was destined, lol.

  2. >You're welcome. I hope you like the blush as much as I do :)Wow, I want to head out to CVS right now and see if I can get a PF coupon too.

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