Dollar Tree haul

These are some of the goodies I’ve purchased from Dollar Tree in the past three weeks.

I decided to get a few more of the L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polishes in the shades Electrified, Static Electricity and Wave Length.

I spotted a couple of the e.l.f. Studio Minty Lip Glosses left on the shelf and picked up the shimmery reddish pink one in San Diego.

One of my absolute favorite brands for lip glosses is Sally Hansen so when I saw that the Dollar Tree had their Diamond Lip Treatment I had to grab a tube. It’s too bad that Sally Hansen is so often overlooked and underappreciated because they make some awesome lip products. Unfortunately, Sally Hansen also has a terrible habit of discontinuing some of their best products. But I guess it works in my favor because the discontinued items all end up at the Dollar Tree. (FYI: CVS also had these glosses on clearance but they’re way cheaper at the Dollar Tree).

Last, but not least, I bought a Smoky Eye palette and a Natural Eye palette. Packaging look familiar? If so it’s because these palettes are made by Almar Sales Co., the same company famous for making the boxed $3.99 Too Faced palette dupes at Ross. You can find out more about the $3.99 Too Faced Natural Eye dupe from the You Tube video here. People have also spotted a Too Faced Smoky Eye palette dupe at Ross that looks nearly identical to the original.


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