e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadow – Dawn – Review and Swatches

Some of you may recall that a little over a month ago I made an e.l.f. Studio haul. I’ve swatched and/or reviewed most of the items with the exception of the Studio Cream Eyeshadow. I just had a lot of other products I was testing out at the time but eventually the Cream Eyeshadow made it into my rotation. After wearing it out and about for a decent amount of time (approximately everyday for two weeks) I have to say I’m really, really impressed with this new addition to the e.l.f Studio line.

I only purchased one color, Dawn, which is a gorgeous taupe. The swatches I’ve seen elsewhere online make Dawn seem very cool and silver/gray but in my opinion it’s a warmer brown-taupe.

When I first laid eyes on Dawn I have to admit I wasn’t very impressed or excited. The surface looked dry, the edges of the eye shadow appeared to be pulling away from the sides of the jar, and the taupe color looked very flat and dull. It did look a lot more gray in the pot at first, untouched (pictured above). However, I was pleasantly surprised once I started using the product. 

Once you break the surface the true beauty of Dawn is revealed. Underneath the dull grayness, Dawn is a brown-taupe with very fine golden shimmer.

The texture of Studio Cream Eyeshadow is different from e.l.f’s $1 Cream Eyeshadow Duos. The latter had a slippery, greasy consistency whereas the Studio Cream Eyeshadow has a firm, creamy texture.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I have dry to very dry skin. Even my eye lids are on the dry side. You would think that would mean that a cream eye shadow would last very well on me then…but think again!

Take a look at my eyelid. I have hooded eyes with a very small crease. This causes most cream eye shadows to bunch up under the fold of my eye.

I’ve tried many cream eye shadows: Bobbi Brown, Revlon, Maybelline, wet n wild (discontinued), NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, even e.l.f.’s $1 cream eye shadow duos to name a few. Everything creases on me and yet I still love cream eye shadows. I love how easy they are to apply. I’m the kind of gal who prefers a single wash of color on the eye rather than something more complicated. Two eye shadow colors would be the most I would ever use for a look. I just prefer simplicity and natural looking eye makeup. Eye shadows are simply not a priority for me (I’m more of a blush/highlighter devotee ^.^) which is why cream shadows, something I can just slap on and blend with my fingers, would be ideal. If only I could find one that lasts on my lids…

Well, folks, I’ve finally found something that does! No matter how little or how much of the e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadow I pile on my lids it doesn’t crease. Seriously. I’m not even exaggerating. I haven’t really been a huge fan of e.l.f.’s Studio line — more misses than hits in my experience — but I’m in total love with the Cream Eyeshadow in Dawn, and now I wish I had gotten the other colors. Oh, well, there’s always a sale. Literally. They spam my mailbox with ads about their sales several times a day. I’m just going to wait for a really amazing sale, like 60%-75% off.

Here are a couple of swatches of Dawn. Definitely on the browner side of taupe, wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t think Dawn looks anything like the swatches on e.l.f.’s website. No surprise. e.l.f’s online swatches are rarely accurate, in my opinion.

Here’s Dawn applied on my eyelid. Aside from Dawn, I have absolutely no other makeup on my face. No concealer, no primer, no base, no foundation, no mascara, no eyeliner, nada. I forgot to take some photos before I washed all my makeup from the workday off, so Dawn was just slapped on hastily so you could get a general idea of what it looks like on the eye.

In the above photos I’ve attempted to show how you can build up the color intensity of the cream eye shadow. In the first photo, I applied a thin layer and blended it out with my finger and you can see how sheer it looks. It’s very natural, and gives my eye a sheer, taupe-y sheen. In the second photo I’ve applied three layers of Dawn. Although I used multiple layers of the cream eyeshadow it doesn’t look cakey and it never once creased on me, not even after several hours of wear which is truly impressive.

All in all, I would say that the e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadows are a great product and I highly recommend them. They’re fantastic on their own but would be great as bases underneath powdered eye shadows. For $3, you get 0.35oz/10g of product which is a steal, especially considering Bobbi Brown’s cream shadows cost $22 for 0.12 oz and those actually crease on me.

According to the packaging, you can use the Studio Cream Eyeshadow as eyeliners, too. I can’t wait to try that out!


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