Profusion "Ultimate Blockbuster" 120 Extreme Sheer Eye Color Palette: Part 2 (Pic Heavy!)

Before I show you the swatches, I just want to mention that it’s come to my attention that not every Ultimate Blockbuster palette seems to contain the same colors.

The palette to the left is the Ultimate Blockbuster palette I recently purchased from Walgreens. Take a look at this Ultimate Blockbuster palette, also purchased recently from a Walgreens by a MUA member. Notice the differences. My palette seems to contain more greens/blues while her palette contains more pinks/purples.

When you’re shopping for one of these palettes, look closely at the colors especially if you have any color preferences.

If you’ve looked at the outside packaging of the Ultimate Blockbuster palette I’m sure you’re a little confused about what Profusion means when they refer to the eye shadows as “120 Extreme Sheer Eye Color.” It looks like an oxymoron. How can a eye shadows be both extreme and sheer, right? Yeah, that confused me, too.

After testing out many of the colors — honestly, I haven’t swatched all 120 colors yet — I have to say that they’re anything but sheer. The shadows are all highly pigmented. The colors are vibrant, and you can easily attain a strong, “extreme” eye look using this palette. When I swatched them on my fingertips, I barely touched the shadows and they were still so intense. I suppose what Profusion means by “sheer” is that you can blend and sheer these color out very easily for a more subtle, school/office-appropriate daytime look. All in all, the Ultimate Blockbuster is a very versatile palette.

The texture of these shadows is soft and smooth. There is a little bit of fallout but nothing like I’ve experienced with e.l.f. eye shadows, for example. If you use a primer/base and pack the color on with a shader brush (or sponge tip applicator — you know I love them!) you should have no problems at all.

I don’t think there are any repeats of colors in my palette. Certain colors ARE very similar but they’re not identical; rather, they’re subtle variations of the same color. For example, there will be a bright lime green and another similar lime green in the palette that’s either slightly more yellow or blue in tone. This may bother some people who want 120 widely different colors instead of 120 colors with subtle differences.

One thing to note: there is a slight powdery fragrance to the eye shadows. I don’t notice the smell unless I sniff my palette, and I don’t notice it at all once it’s on my eyes. But for the truly aroma-sensitive people I think if you keep the palette open on a table for a few days the scent will dissipate.

Now for some swatches!


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