Profusion "Ultimate Blockbuster" 120 Extreme Sheer Eye Color Palette: Part 1 (Pic Heavy!)

I’ve been seeing/hearing/reading a lot of positive things about the Profusion eye shadow palettes from many You Tube gurus and bloggers lately. Of course, having such a weak will, an immediate lemming was born and I made it my mission to hunt down those palettes. I was specifically looking for the Ultimate Blockbuster 120 eye shadow palette and the Beauty Wallets with 25 eye shadows.

To clarify, Profusion is the name of the brand and they’re especially known for their inexpensive, large eye shadow palettes and kits but they also make other types of cosmetics. Based on the information I’ve gathered from various people, Profusion can be found at Ross (Dress for Less), TJ Maxx, Marshalls, CVS and Walgreens stores. I’m not too sure about Rite Aid. 

There are no Ross stores in my area (or my state for that matter), and TJ Maxx and Marshalls are a little out of my way. The only option left to me was Walgreens and that’s where I headed, hoping that luck would be on my side. It was partly on my side because I managed to find the Ultimate Blockbuster palette in a full display on my first try (the Beauty Wallets still elude me though). [In case you’re on the hunt for the Ultimate Blockbuster palettes, too, I found them on the end cap of the aisle. There were about four or five of these palettes sitting in a small cardboard display on a shelf with other holiday gift sets from other brands.]

It was love at first sight! For $9.99 you get 120 eye shadows, an amazing deal! You get everything from stark white to pastels, jewel tones, metallics, smokies, and neutrals. The only thing this palette doesn’t have is any matte colors. Now, I haven’t had the opportunity to use every single shadow in the palette yet but from what I can see every color in the Ultimate Blockbuster palette has a shimmer, frost or pearly finish. If you’re not into shimmers I would suggest you stay far, far away from this palette. I happen to love shimmer so the Ultimate Blockbuster is perfect for me.

I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with too much eye candy all at once so I’m splitting my blog entry in two. This first blog post will contain pics of various colors in the palette just so you can get an idea of the color variety contained within this palette. The second post to follow will contain a few swatches so you can see the color payoff of the eye shadows.

Now onto the photos!

ETA: In one of the photos, I placed a Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick on the palette so you could get a sense of the size of the palette. It’s very sleek and travel-friendly.

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