Spotted at the Dollar Tree: e.l.f. Studio lip products for $1 each

Check out the items I scored today at the Dollar Tree! I’ve been meaning to try more of the Studio lip products so how fortuitous was this?!

As you can see, I grabbed four of the Studio 2 in 1 Conditioning Lip Glosses and one Lip Definer & Shaper. The store also had a clear and a plum shade of the 2 in 1 Conditioning Lip Glosses but I passed on those.

Also in the Dollar Tree were the Shimmer Eye Pencils from e.l.f.’s regular $1 line and a whole bunch of the Studio Lip Stains. I might go back for the eye pencils but I would recommend against the Lip Stains. The Lip Stains are double-ended; one side has a stain that doesn’t last long at all, and the other side has a clear gloss that has a very greasy texture. I bought my Studio Lip Stains from e.l.f.’s website at full price and still regret the purchase 😦

So go ahead, check out your Dollar Trees. There may have been more Studio items there that I missed or were sold out by the time I got there.


2 thoughts on “Spotted at the Dollar Tree: e.l.f. Studio lip products for $1 each

  1. >Wow, I want to try the lips definer and shaper!how fortunate of you! We don't hv ELF here so we, malaysians joined spree in buying stuff from US website.. Most of the time, after including divided shipping, service charge and all, we (okay, lets just say I..haha), spend twice the amount for the price =( I want a Dollar Tree too! huaaa.U_U

  2. >aww, that's too bad about the high prices. That stinks 😦 I can kind of understand what you're going through. There are so many Asian drugstore products that I want to try but the cost of shipping makes them as expensive as high-end stuff at the department store/Sephora. Whenever I go overseas, or know that friends are going overseas, I make a massive shopping list.

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