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Sorry, no monthly favorites for November. I’ve accumulated a boatload of makeup items over the past few weeks but, for most of them, I’m still in the testing stages. Some products I feel ambivalent about or downright hate. Then there are other items I like and could possibly love but it’s really too soon to tell.

In place of my usual monthly favorites blog entry, I’d like to share some random items like I’ve really been digging lately.

First, deLux hats and mittens.

This brand makes some super cute animal themed knitwear. They’re probably most famous for their sock monkey hats and mittens and I seriously considered getting the monkey set — being a Year of the Monkey kind of girl and all — but it seems like everyone and their boyfriend has a sock monkey hat. They’re still really cute but a little 5 minutes ago. I’ll probably buy the sock monkey set eventually but not anytime soon.

Instead, I chose to get this Koala hat. Cute, right? The hat next to it is the Cable Dog hat that I got last year.

I only have one pair of deLux mittens and they’re Raccoons. I got these one or two years ago. No one really notices that they don’t match my hats…at least no one’s pointed it out to me so far :p

The hats and mittens are lined on the inside with a soft fleece type of material and the flaps on either side of the hat cover my ears nicely, so they keep my head and hands nice and warm. Also, according to the tags they’re hand made / made in China.

I’ve never bought from this website before but it seems to have photos of most of the various deLux hats and mittens styles although I don’t think I see my particular Koala hat listed. They have a Koala hat there but it’s different. Just use this website as a resource to get some ideas, and shop around (on the internet or in a real store) to find the best deal. The deLux hats/mittens seem to be a little cheaper sometimes in the the spring/summer and that’s usually when I score mine. I’ve seen the price of these hats ranging anywhere from $25 to $35.

If you’ve been procrastinating and haven’t completed your Christmas shopping, I think the deLux hats/mittens would make awesome gifts. Oh, and they make kid sized hats and mittens, too, not just adult. I have my eye on the moose, lobster, husky dog, teddy bear, and seal hats/mittens. Heck, I want them all! They’re too adorable.

Second, I’ve been loving Wet ‘n Wild’s limited edition Wild Shine nail polish in Tipsy.

Now, this looked really festive and pretty in the bottle but I was disappointed with how sheer it was. It’s basically a gold/orange-y copper glitter suspended in a clear base and it goes on really sparse. But I worked with it and after 6 (yes, 6!) layers, I finally achieved a dense shimmery polish.

Sorry, about the gap between my cuticles and polish. This is about Day 5 of me wearing Tipsy without a topcoat so it actually held up pretty nicely. I was afraid that with so many layers it would all just come off or chip in one big piece but it didn’t.

Third, I’ve been enjoying Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces and Betty Crocker cookie mixes in the pouches.

I’ve actually loved Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces for years but my love for them was revived recently. The thing is they’re hardly ever on sale but FINALLY one week they were marked down to 3 for $5.

The Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces come in a variety of flavors but my personal favorites are Buttermilk Ranch, Honey Mustard & Onion, and Cheddar Cheese. The Cheddar Cheese pretzel pieces remind me of Nacho Cheese flavored Combos, the tube shaped pretzel snacks with cheesy filling in the middle, except the Snyder’s are tastier! My complaint about the Combos pretzels is sometimes the pretzels taste slightly burned. I never have that problem with the Snyder’s; they’re crunchy and packed with flavor. Mmmmm.

Last, an example of why you should never judge a book by its cover. I used to think I was better than boxed mixes but the Betty Crocker cookie mix pouches are actually pretty good for about $1.69. The dry mix is pre-made and all you have to do is add butter and an egg which is a snap, and magically twenty minutes later you have dozens of hot baked cookies ready to eat. So awesome when you just want a quick snack and don’t want to break out the measuring cups, mixer, etc. The Betty Cookie mix has made me totally rethink pre-packaged foods and now I’m wondering about the tubes of pre-made cookie dough in the refrigerator aisles at the supermarket. I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new world 😀

Hmm, reading over my blog entry it sounds like a series of ads but seriously I purchased these items all by myself and have never been in contact with any of these companies. I just love these products and had to share.


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