NOTD: Confetti Purple Pizzazz

Today’s beauty is Confetti Purple Pizzazz, a $1.99 gem from CVS. I actually purchased Purple Pizzazz as well as a whole bunch of other Confetti nail polishes for $1 each when CVS had a sale on Confetti about a month ago. You can check out my Confetti haul post here.

Needless to say I really love Confetti nail polishes, not only because of the variety of colors and finishes but because the formula’s damn good and also so inexpensive. I much prefer Confetti to the similarly priced Sinful Colors nail polishes. The Confettis I’ve tried so far are never streaky and two coats are often enough to reach total opacity. Just remember to check the bottles for wonky brushes before you buy any.

When I was in the store I actually wasn’t too sure about Purple Pizzazz. It looked super shimmery/frosty in the bottle and I had doubts about the shade. Based on past experience, purple can really bring out the yellowness of my skin and make me appear jaundiced. But for $1 I was willing to risk it.

So I painted my nails and I was in love! Purple Pizzazz looks a whole lot different on the nails than in the bottle. On me it’s a gorgeous lilac-pink foil that’s very pretty and ultra-feminine. And depending on the lighting Purple Pizzazz can look either more pink or lilac, and also more or less foil-y. It’s a rather interesting shade and I’m totally digging it.