e.l.f. Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 – Mellow Melon & Blissful Berry – swatches

Here are some quick swatches of the two e.l.f. Studio Conditioning Lip Balms that I own and mentioned in a recent blog entry. Check out that e.l.f. haul post for photos and info about the packaging, etc.

Generally speaking, before I decide to purchase a product I like to read lots of consumer reviews. However, the e.l.f. Studio lip balms are some of e.l.f.’s newest items so there weren’t any product reviews to go by. As a result, I only purchased two of the lip balms because I wasn’t sure whether I’d end up loving or hating the product. The two colors that most interested me, and the ones I ended up purchasing, were Mellow Melon and Blissful Berry.

The Studio Conditioning Lip Balms contain an spf of 15 and come in a rather bulky plastic container. For $3 each you’ll get 0.26oz/7.5g of product but there are always coupon codes floating around so you should never have to pay full price for them. I used a 50% off coupon code myself. Check www.retailmenot.com for ways to save on your online purchases.

As for the colors I chose, I have to say I’m definitely pleased with the color payoff. Mellow Melon and Blissful Berry both possess creme finishes (no shimmer). The former is a bright coral and the latter is a reddish berry shade. 

I own quite a lot of lip balms — I’m still trying to find THE ONE, the balm to end all balms — and if I had to compare the Studio lip balms to one specific balm in my collection I’d have to say the pigmentation and consistency remind me of the Korres lip butters. The e.l.f. lip balms are just the teensy tiniest bit more sheer and just a touch less creamy/emollient but not by much. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the Korres lip butters; I think they’re overrated and didn’t find them particularly moisturizing. I would much rather pay $3 for a (in my opinion) comparable product than shell out $10. I’m still angry with myself for falling for the hype and buying the Korres lip butter.

As you can see from the swatches, e.l.f. Mellow Melon and Korres Pomegranate are very similar in color. Pomegranate is just slightly more red than Mellow Melon.

I tried to find a lip balm in my stash that’s similar to Blissful Berry but came up empty. The L’Oreal HIP Jelly Balm in Luscious looks kind of similar in the pot but compared to the color payoff of Blissful Berry it’s virtually invisible. The Luscious Jelly Balm is super sheer.

As for the scent, to me the Studio lip balms smell kind of coconut-y with an underlying synthetic/plastic scent in the background. I only noticed the plastic smell because I was holding the lip balm up to my nose and sniffing obsessively for this review. For the most part I don’t really notice the plastic scent when it’s on my lips, just the coconut scent which fades over time.

I’ve been wearing the Studio lip balm for the past week and they last a decent amount of time on me. One of the problems I had with the Korres lip butters was how long they lasted on my lips. My lips felt okay when I first applied the Korres lip butter but literally 10-20 minutes later it had evaporated or been completely absorbed into my lips, and my lips actually felt drier than before I applied the lip butter. In contrast, the e.l.f. Studio lip balms last several hours (3-4 hrs) on my lips if I don’t talk or eat. My job mostly involves sitting in front of a computer all day and whenever I had time for a break — to stand up, stretch and get a bite to eat — I was pleasantly surprised to find that some balm was still left on my lips.

I think the Studio lip balm is more moisturizing than the Korres lip butter but I don’t find either balm very hydrating. What’s the difference? Well, my understanding is that a product that “moisturizes” prevents water loss by sealing in the moisture that’s already in your skin whereas a product that “hydrates” actually adds moisture to the skin. The Korres lip butter just left my lips feeling parched and drier than before I used it. With the e.l.f. Studio lip balm my lips weren’t worse off after using it but they weren’t better either; their condition just stayed the same.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a super hydrating lip balm I don’t think this is the greatest option. But if you’re looking for a moisturizing (helps lips retain moisture), inexpensive sheer/tinted alternative to the Korres lip butters in some fun colors definitely check the e.l.f. Studio lip balms out. And, hey, if you hate it at least you’re not out much money 😛


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