Eyeko Cream vs. Hard Candy Doll Face vs. Wet ‘n Wild St. Tropez Shimmer (Pic Heavy)

I purchased the new Hard Candy Face & Body Luminizer in Doll Face and decided to compare it to the other highlighter creams in my stash: Eyeko Cream and Wet ‘N Wild’s St. Tropez Shimmer. 

For all photos, click on the pics to enlarge in order to better see the finish of the creams on my skin.

I apologize for the bad lighting. I did the swatches as the sun was setting which is why the photos start off with okay lighting but get progressively darker and darker. The good thing is the dimness allows you to see how frosty the Hard Candy Doll Face is in comparison to the other two creams in the final three photos.

All three products come in a cream formula. Straight out of their containers the Eyeko Cream is a pale pink cream, Hard Candy Doll Face is a darker pink cream, and Wet ‘n Wild St. Tropez Shimmer is a white cream.


I purchased the Eyeko Cream directly from Eyeko’s website. At the time it cost $9-$10 with free shipping but I believe the current price is now $14.

As stated previously the Eyeko cream is a pale pink cream. Blended out it has very fine golden pink shimmers and, out of all three creams, I find it the most subtle. (Note: This product is different from the Eyeko Extra Glow Cream which is a silvery pink shimmer cream)

Even though it’s a cream it blends easily and it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky when I apply it to my skin, and it’s also completely scent-free.

The Eyeko Cream comes in a little plastic tub and contains 38 ml of product. According to the packaging it’s made in Taiwan and has not been tested on animals.


The Hard Candy Doll Face luminizer has the pinkest base. Blended out on my skin it has lots of silvery pink shimmer and can look rather frosty if too much is applied.

As with the Eyeko cream the Doll Face luminizer doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin, and I can’t detect much of a fragrance.

Doll Face comes with 76.5 grams of product in a pink plastic tube with a little nozzle out of which you can squeeze the cream. Mine was purchased at Walmart for $8.

The product is made in the USA and not tested on animals.


So why compare two obviously pink creams to Wet ‘n Wild St. Tropez Shimmer which is a white cream? Well, the reason becomes more obvious once you blend St. Tropez Shimmer into the skin.

Do you see it now? Once I start blending the cream, the secret pink iridescence becomes apparent. I’ve heard other people say that St. Tropez Shimmer has a peachy pink shimmer but on my skin it comes off as more of a magenta/purple-pink iridescence. Don’t worry, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. The pinkish opalescence is actually very pretty and not over the top. I would say the shimmers in St. Tropez Shimmer are more obvious than Eyeko but less obvious than Hard Candy Doll Face.

Like the Eyeko and Hard Candy creams I don’t find this particular cream sticky or heavy either. However, it does a have a strange floral/powder fragrance that some may find offensive.

St. Tropez Shimmer comes with 25 grams of product in a plastic container with a pump dispenser. I purchased it for $0.99 at Rite Aid. Unfortunately St. Tropez Shimmer was discontinued some time ago but if you search around on the internet you may still be able to find it.

The product is made in China and is not tested on animals.


Here are a few side by side swatch photos so you can see all three creams blended out on my skin. If you look closely you’ll see that the middle swatch, Hard Candy Doll Face, is the most obvious and shimmery out of the three.

All in all, I like all three creams but if I had to pick one I would choose the Eyeko cream. I’ve read reviews in which some people find it overly shimmery but that’s not the case with me; I find the golden pink shimmers in the Eyeko cream incredibly subtle and flattering on me. Perhaps the golden pink shimmers would seem over the top on fairer, cool toned ladies where the golden shimmer would really stand out, but on me the gold toned shimmer blends seamlessly into my yellow-toned Asian skin. I find it hard to overdo it with the Eyeko cream and need to use double or triple the amount of product to duplicate the shimmery-ness of either the Wet ‘n Wild or Hard Candy products.

I know that there’s a lot of cult love for Wet ‘n Wild’s St. Tropez Shimmer but it would only be my second choice. It takes a little less effort for it to show up on the skin than the Eyeko cream and gives me an almost dewy effect but I can’t exactly say that the pretty magenta iridescence, however slight, is very natural in appearance. Also the scent can be a little off putting.

Last choice would be Hard Candy Doll Face. Beware. Less is more with this product. Perhaps it’s because the silvery pink shimmer clashes a little bit with my yellow-toned Asian skin but Doll Face stands out the most on me and can look quite frosty if I don’t blend, blend, blend. I’d recommend it to the pinker ladies out there. For me to achieve a natural dewiness with this product I need to use two or three times less product than the Eyeko or Wet ‘n Wild creams. I still like Doll Face but it just takes a lot more work to look good on me. I’ll probably end up using this mostly on my body.

ETA: Doll Face isn’t something I can use straight from the tube and apply to my face; it’s definitely a product that I feel needs to be diluted in order not to look overly shimmery or frosty. I’ve been experimenting with Doll Face and I can achieve a pretty nice effect if I mix 3 squirts of my face moisturizer with about 1 squirt of Doll Face. Close up in the mirror I can see the individual particles of shimmer on my face but it’s not too obvious, and other people looking at me from a regular speaking distance shouldn’t be able to tell I’ve got something on…unless I’m standing in direct sunlight and the shimmers are caught in the light. But isn’t that the risk one takes in wearing any shimmer product?

I’m going to continue testing out different ratios of moisturizer to Doll Face to find a combination that works best on me. I really want to make it work.


5 thoughts on “Eyeko Cream vs. Hard Candy Doll Face vs. Wet ‘n Wild St. Tropez Shimmer (Pic Heavy)

  1. >Thanks for the review! I've got both Eyeko Cream and the Hard Candy Doll Face and I think your review is pretty much what I experienced too. Never tried the Wet n Wild St Tropez though.

  2. >These are all items you can use as a foundation primer. They are all silicone based- which is what all primers are made of… So if you want a purpose for the hard candy one- try it as a primer for a subtle glow and a very smooooooth long lasting foundation application.Oh- one more thing! You can use this in combination with- and I KNOW this is going to sound weird- but i heard it on the Tyra a few summers ago and it works like a dream! Here's the tip-Put your primer on…. use a little more than you normally would- then smear a thin layer of milk of magnesia with a make-up round all over your face- be sure to rub it in thoroughly- leaving no white streaks behind. VOILA! INSTANT sweat proof- melt proof- summer proof -make up! WILL not rub off! It will also add very nice build ability for more coverage. The magic is in the magnesia- it's what is commonly used in long lasting foundations to make them stay put!I've been using this tip year round ever since!

  3. >I don't think I'd be able to use the Hard Candy as a primer. I love glowy products but even it's way too shimmery for me. My face would look frosted if I put it all over. I've heard that milk of magnesia is good for oil control and mattifying, and suitable for those who have oily to super oily skin. Since my skin type is dry to very dry, the milk of magnesia would really dry my face out if I used it. Thanks for sharing though. I'm sure people with more oily skin would appreciate this tip more 🙂

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