Weekend Haul – Limited Edition Wild Shine, NYC Nail Glossies, Hard Candy, Clinique, Maybelline

Just a quick drive-by blog post to share the goodies I got over the weekend.

Hard Candy recently came out with a few new items. One of the items that really got my attention is their Glow All the Way face and body luminizer. It comes in two shades: Glamazon Bronze (bronze shimmer)and Doll Face (pink shimmer) and retails for $8 at Walmart stores. It’s a pretty new item so I’m not sure if all Walmart locations have it yet.

I opted for Doll Face and if I end up liking the texture/consistency of the lotion I may go back and get the other one.

Quick note: the nozzle of the Hard Candy Glow All the Way luminizers are sealed with a bit of foil. If yours doesn’t come with one then that means someone’s tampered with it already, so when you’re at Walmart make sure you get a new, sealed tube.

Rite Aid is having a 40% off sale on all Maybelline cosmetics this week so I decided to try one of their Eye Studio Color Pearls Marbelized Eyeshadows in Lawless Lavender.

That eyeshadow was really an impulse buy. The main item I wanted to get after watching a You Tube tutorial and seeing the great coverage was the Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer.

I only own one other Maybelline concealer, the Double Face Perfector, and got it right after it first came out based on the initial rave reviews but was disappointed by the coverage/finish. I was hesitant to try any more Maybelline concealers after that but I really couldn’t resist with sales and coupons.

I ended up choosing the shade Cream (Light 4-5) which is darker than I normally go for for face concealers but I bought this concealer specifically to cover my dark circles and so far it seems to match well. Whenever I try to use a concealer light enough for my face on my dark undereye circles I get a reverse-Panda eyes effect. Cream (Light 4-5) is definitely too dark for the rest of my face so I may return to Rite Aid and get Ivory, the next lightest shade, as a regular spot concealer if the Mineral Power concealer I have impresses me. 

I also purchased a Clinique lip gloss in Grapefruit. I own a few lip products from Clinique: an Almost Lipstick in Black Honey and several of the Long Last Glosswears. Grapefruit is my first Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss. The color in the tube looks so pretty. Hopefully it translates well on my lips.

Last but not least the nail polishes.

I actually bought the NYC Nail Glossies a few weeks ago but failed to mention them on the blog. I was hoping to score Molten Metal but there were none to be found at all the Dollar Trees nearby. However, I did manage to find 225 (American Beauty) and 249B (Cognac Sparkle) which were packaged together as a duo. The former is a dark red creme and the latter is…I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just gorgeous! Take a look for yourself.

I also found the Wet ‘n Wild Limited Edition display of Wild Shine nail polishes and got three: Champagne, Toast, and Tipsy.







ETA: Oops, I also bought three more of the Wet ‘n Wild Silk Finish lipsticks. They’re so inexpensive I can buy a whole bunch and not feel too guilty. As Pokemon fans would say: “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” 😛