Cyber Clean Dupe from eBay

Never heard of Cyber Clean? It’s supposed to be a “high tech” goop that’s able to get into all the nooks and crannies of your gadgets and pull out the dust, dirt and grime in them. You can watch the infommercial on their website here.

I saw the tv ad and, I admit it without any shame, I was interested. But I wasn’t $7.99 plus shipping/handling interested.

I decided to look for a cheaper alternative and went straight to eBay and lo and behold I found Super Clean, the made in China dupe. It cost $2.19 with free shipping which I gladly paid. 

Shipping from Hong Kong wasn’t the fastest but I received it in the mail eventually and it was free so I’m not going to complain.

Right off the bat the main difference between Cyber Clean and Super Clean is the former is highlighter yellow and Super Clean is highlighter hot pink. Super Clean also smells exactly like pineapple flavored Life Savers candy.

I’ve tried using it on my laptop computer already (when it’s turned off, of course) and it really gets down in between the keyboard buttons and pulls out all the bits of dust, hair, and whatever else (e.g. potato chip and cookie crumbs :P) is trapped in there. It’s pretty cool and a bit fun to use. Haha.

Don’t worry about it getting stuck between your keys. That was my main worry but the Super Clean is more dense, and not as loose and slimy like you might think. It’s very malleable. You can flatten it out so it’s almost see-through and you can even squish it together into a little ball. Just remember to put it back into its pouch when you’re done using it so it doesn’t dry out.

I wasn’t sure if anyone else would find this blog post interesting but just thought I’d share. I’m always captivated by weird, new gadgets, inventions, and infommercial products. But I like getting bargains too.