McRib Musings

I admit I’ve been a huge fan of McDonald’s McRib sandwich for years and was devastated when they discontinued it. And every few years when McD’s decides to bring the McRib back and repromote it for a limited time (yes, I try to keep up on McRib news), I hope and pray that stores near me will offer it; usually, though, they don’t.

This year, however, is a different case. The McRib is back and it’s everywhere! You can imagine my shock and glee when I began seeing McRib posters being proudly displayed at all the McDonald’s in my vicinity.

Of course I had to go out and get one some 😛

To the uninitiated, and according to wiki, “the McRib consists of a formed ground pork patty, barbecue sauce, onions, and pickles served on a 6 inch (15.2 cm) roll. The patty is precooked, frozen and later reheated.”

That’s not the most appetizing description but don’t knock it ’til you try it. It’s tasty. Seriously.

So I had my first McRib in years and while I still think it’s crack on a roll, I’m not as impressed with it as I used to be. I think in the years since I had a McRib I’ve actually come across a really good dupe.

When the McRib eventually disappears again after its limited run I suggest that people go out to their local supermarkets and look in the frozen tv dinner section.

The brand Banquet, in my opinion, makes a very close dupe of the McRib (minus the roll, onions and pickles of course but you can add your own). Look for the Banquet Boneless Pork Rib frozen dinner. I think the frozen meal’s pork patty & sauce tastes and feels exactly like the McRib pork patty & sauce. And it’s cheap too. I often see Banquet meals on sale: 10 for $10 or 5 for $5.