October Favorites

These are the products that I found myself reaching for a lot during the month of October.

My highlighter/face powder of choice has remained Coty Airspun Fragrance Free Luminous Translucent but it’s received a new home. I bought a 30 Gram Rotation Sifter Jar from Coastal Scents that costs $0.89. Shipping was only $1.22 (USPS First Class) and I got it in the mail within two days. I’m really impressed with the quality of the sifter jar; it looks exactly like the newer sifter jars for Bare Minerals powder foundation; the ones with sifters that you can twist open or closed to prevent the powder from spewing out and getting all over the place. Since the Coastal Scents jar only holds 30 grams, I could only put about half of the Coty powder into it but no biggie, it just makes it more portable and convenient for travel.

In the Fall I always find myself reaching for pink and berry blushes over peach or coral ones. During October I found myself switching out my beloved NYC Peach Cheek Glow blush for my NYC Pink Glow Blush.

I love cream blushes and one I used a lot during October was Illamasqua’s cream blush in Promise, a blue-based pink without any shimmers. It was one of the prizes I won from a giveaway and my first Illamasqua product ever.

Illamasqua Promise looks a little too cool toned when I swatch it but blended out it gives me the perfect dolly cheeks color. I’m not usually a fan of scented makeup but I’ll make an exception for Illamasqua. Their cream blush has a yummy, soft vanilla scent that doesn’t linger long once I apply it to my face.

As you can see I’m still loving the NYC Ultra Last lipstick in Lilac Dream. It’s become HG (holy grail) material for me. It is my perfect MLBB (my lips but better) pink. The texture’s smooth and, in my opinion, a little smoother and a little less dry than Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks. It’s completely free of any fragrance; if you buy one that smells like something you probably got old, rancid stock and should exchange it for a fresh lipstick. And it’s cheap — only $1.99 retail or less if it’s on sale.

I’ve also been wearing Wet ‘n Wild’s Silk Finish lipstick in 522A Dark Wine a lot as a lip stain. It’s a very wearable berry red lipstick with a creme finish that’s perfect for the fall. And it’s also another cheapie at $0.99.

Finally, the last product(s) that I fell in love with in the month of October were Confetti nail polishes. I bought two initially and somehow that turned into four…and then it multiplied when CVS decided to mark them down to $1 (regular price $1.99). See for yourself the damage I did:

I think of the Confetti nail polishes as CVS’s answer to Sinful Colors (also $1.99 each) at Walgreens. Confetti, however, is so much better than Sinful Colors in my opinion. The pigmentation of Confetti polishes is really impressive; I never need to use more than two coats for total opacity whereas with Sinful Colors I constantly have problems with streaking and VNL. Confetti also doesn’t get goopy on me like Sinful Colors does. The only thing you have to look out for is the brushes; some are overly long for their bottles and have a permanent bend to them. I only had that problem with one of my polishes but CVS let me exchange the bottle I had for another one in the same color.


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