Food and Makeup Haul and a Rant

I made the rounds of local drugstores yesterday.

At Target, various Clean & Clear items were on sale. I haven’t really used anything from Clean & Clear since high school. I used to have problems with breakouts and while the line seems to be targeted at problematic teenage skin I found their products much too harsh for my dry skin. I remember that most of their skincare items had alcohol which can be really drying. But I also recalled seeing a You Tube video about their Pore Perfecting Moisturizer (PPM). I believe it was LisaLisaD1 who was raving about the product but don’t quote me. As a gal with large pores, the whole “pore perfecting” aspect of it really intrigued me. Well, the Pore Perfecting Moisturizer happened to be on sale for five dollars and change, and I know that usually it’s around $7-$8 at the drugstores near me so I decided to get it.

When I got home I tested out a bit of it on the back of my hand and the floral scent was so familiar. Where had I smelled it before? And then it came to me. Whenever my sister discovers a new product and decides a product doesn’t work for her she’ll pass on the rejects to me. She’s got super oily skin; I’ve got super dry skin, and whatever doesn’t suit her skin type usually works for mine. One of her rejects was a Clean & Clear Day Oil-Free Moisturizer that has since been discontinued. I had put it aside because of the rather strong fragrance and it had just been sitting on my dresser forever. Anyway, the PPM smells exactly like it which made me suspicious so I took a look at the two ingredients lists. They are identical. Oh, Clean & Clear got me good. 

So what are the differences? Well, there’s the newer, sleeker packaging. Also, the Day Oil-Free Moisturizer promised soft skin whereas the new PPM promises pore *perfection*. (Perfection? I’ll have some of that, please.) The Day Oil-Free Moisturizer came with 4 fluid ounces whereas the PPM has a measly 1.7 fluid ounces. It just goes to you what good marketing/advertising can do. Kudos to the marketing/ad team at Clean & Clear. You succeeded in getting me to pay more for less product.

At Walgreens I purchased a tube of Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipstick in the color Pink in the Afternoon. I’d heard nothing but good things about this particular shade so when it went on sale at 40% off I had to jump on the deal, especially since Revlon had a $2 coupon on their Facebook page.

Now I’m not a big fan of Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipsticks. I like that they come in such a large range of colors and finishes (creme, pearl, etc.) and that they’re completely unscented; however, I find the formula rather dry compared to other drugstore lipsticks that I’ve tried. But I guess that’s the price you pay sometimes when you want good color payoff. Drier lipsticks, in my experience, tend to be more opaque and pigmented whereas more moisturizing lipsticks tend to be more sheer. I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule but that’s the general case, I’ve found. So no surprise that Pink in the Afternoon is quite pigmented.

I would describe Pink in the Afternoon as a slightly peachy, pink shade with a creme (non-shimmer) finish. I’ve got to say it’s a brighter pink than I expected. I guess I thought it would be a more neutral, more muted pink because it seems to be a much loved shade and bright shades aren’t as universally flattering/forgiving as more neutral colors.

Because it’s a bit bright for me I prefer to apply the lipstick lightly and then blot with a tissue to tone down the color. I have pale lips so lipsticks/glosses tend to show up brighter on me than on people with more pigmented lips.

The last drugstore I went to was CVS. This week they have a sale on Physicians Formula powders and bronzers. I love PF products but they’re quite pricey (for a drugstore brand) and there are rarely any worthwhile sales. BOGO50% just isn’t worth it, in my opinion. But this week the powders and bronzers are marked down to $5.99! I’ve had a $4 coupon sitting in my wallet for awhile now and have been meaning to get the Mineral Glow Pearls Powder Palette in Translucent Pearl since it came out.

I haven’t had an opportunity to test the powder out yet but it’s another product I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. According to all the reviews I’ve seen, it gives a very natural, soft sheen to the skin. If I like it, I may go back for the Mineral Glow Pearls Powder Palette in Light Bronze Pearl.

As I headed to the front of the store to pay, I noticed that they had a Confetti nail polish display. I’ve heard a lot about the brand but had never seen the display in person. Apparently, the $1.99 nail polishes have become coveted ever since Coty/Sally Hansen sued Confetti over a non-compete clause and news spread that the nail polishes would soon disappear forever.

I picked up two Confetti nail polishes: Tiara (a clear color with lots of fine shimmer that will make a great topper) and Purple Reign (a red-violet creme). I also wanted to get Belle of the Ball (a lilac creme) but I didn’t want to get too many in case the formula sucked.

Look at how pretty Tiara is:

I’m going to try Purple Reign tonight and will go back to get Belle of the Ball if all works out right.

I also saw Moonstruck. Besides My Favorite Martian (a shimmery green), Moonstruck is the Confetti shade I’ve heard most people raving about but I’m not a big fan of green or taupe nail colors (blasphemy!). I already have $OPI Metro Chic and that’s enough taupe for me.

And just after I said that I don’t like green nail colors, I also saw a lone bottle of the much talked about Milani Dress Maker, the so-called Chanel Jade dupe. I seriously stood in front of the Milani display debating with myself whether to get it or not. In the end I couldn’t justify spending $4.49 on a single bottle of nail polish, and I felt much better when I remembered that there’s a Jordana dupe of Milani Dress Maker. Now I’m on the hunt for Jordana Mint Candy. I know I can get it from Cherry Culture but I’d rather buy it from a brick & mortar store and not have to pay shipping.

Lastly, I went to Taipan Bakery, a Chinese bakery, and got a few things. I like them best for inexpensive yet tasty Asian/Chinese style breads and pastries.

On the plate, starting with the top left: a mini chicken pot pie, a cream-filled bun, a fried bun with chicken pot pie filling (it also comes in a curry beef flavor but I love chicken pot pie!), and a pineapple bun (a.k.a. bor lor bao, called a pineapple bun not because it contains pineapple but because of the checkered design that resembles pineapple skin) filled with Chinese roast pork (char siu/cha shao).

My breads got a bit crushed in transit so they’re not as beautiful as when I first bought them, especially the pineapple bun (you can’t even see the checkered design anymore) and the cream bun. They were totally smooshed 😦