Weekend Haul: N.Y.C., CoverGirl, Coty, Jordana

I feel like it’s been a billion years since I’ve seen a Buy One Get One Free sale at the drugstore, so when I saw that Rite Aid was having a BOGO sale on both CoverGirl and NYC products I had to jump on it. This was the perfect chance to knock a few items off of my lemmings list. Unfortunately, the CoverGirl sale included just face and lip items so I was only able to get the Lipslicks that I’d been wanting.

Back in high school, CoverGirl’s Lipslicks in Hint of Red was one of my favorite lip products. The shade Hint of Red was discontinued years ago but, among the currently available shades, there were a couple I wanted to try out. I had had my heart set on Hipster and either Daring or Bronze Goddess. At the Rite Aid I went to, though, most of the shades had already been taken but there was one Hipster left which I snatched. Besides Hipster the only other colors left were clear and Princess, neither of which I really wanted but I grabbed Princess, figuring I could always exchange it in a week when the colors I want are back in stock.

From the NYC display, I selected a few more lip products: Ultra Last lipstick in Mousse, Ultra Last lipstick in Sugarplum, and Ultra Moist lipstick in Retro Red. The Ultra Lasts were $1.99 each, and the Ultra Moist was $0.99. I actually used to have Mousse but my mom saw it in my makeup bag, used it, liked it, and kind of stole it 😛

I also picked up an NYC eyeliner in Navy ($0.99) as my free product in the BOGO sale.

I had a couple $2 CoverGirl coupons as well as a $3 NYC coupon, so my total for the 6 products came out to a mere $1.29 ($0.63 + $0.69 Tax). w00t! 

Of course I had to make my weekly stopover at Duane Reade. I’d heard so many positive things from people about the Coty Airspun Fragrance Free Luminous Translucent powder, that I was intrigued enough to buy it at full price (something I rarely do. I love my bargains!). If I remember correctly, the powder was around $6.49. I was disappointed that the product didn’t come with any sort of puff, and it looks like I’ll have to punch my own holes in the plastic covering to access the product. I have an old, empty Shiseido sifter jar lying around; I think I’ll transfer the Coty powder into it.

At Walgreens I purchased a $0.99 Jordana lip liner in the color Natural. I’ve read that lip liner can really make a big difference in the wear of lipsticks throughout the day, so I wanted to try/experiment with an inexpensive one. I actually own a couple of wnw lip liners but never use them; however, I’ve heard good things about the Jordana liners, the shade Natural in particular. One thing to note: the packaging of the Jordana lip liner is crap. The cap is made out of a super-thin, brittle plastic and, in the process of removing the shrink wrap covering the pencil, the cap cracked. You can say that I should’ve expected that from a 99 cent product, but the caps on my 99 cent wnw and NYC pencil liners are made of sturdier stuff and never cracked on me.

My final stop was Target. I don’t often go to Target even though I live five minutes away from one but recently my local Target installed a produce department and I’d received a few coupon vouchers for a dozen free eggs and a free loaf of bread to celebrate the new addition. Free food? How could I resist? 😀

Incidentally, there was a Target-exclusive makeup product that I’d been curious about: the new Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach ($15). There aren’t very many, or any, drugstore peach undereye corrector/concealers so I was excited to see the Pixi product in person, especially since Target always has testers in their cosmetics department.

I was able to swatch the corrector and it was actually a lot drier and thicker than I had expected. Since I have dry skin, I’m afraid that it’ll look cakey and settle into the fine lines in my undereye area. I opted to walk away and wait until I see more reviews (on blogs, MUA, and/or You Tube) before purchasing. I’m in no rush.

As I mentioned, I swatched the Pixi corrector and when I got home I immediately compared it to the only drugstore peach corrector/concealer I’ve ever encountered: Revlon’s Beyond Natural Concealer (now discontinued). As you can see, Pixi’s peach corrector is noticeably more pink compared to Revlon’s corrector.

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