A Photo Guide to the Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Colors Part 1: Line-Up & Arm Swatches

As always, all photos are click-able and can be enlarged.

FYI: For the most part I tried to display the Easyshines according to their numbers. Jordana assigns numbers as well as names to all of the Easyshines. For example, 01 is Sugar Plum, 02 is Berry Colada, and 12 is Sugar Cookie. Sometime in the middle of taking pics, I reversed the order of Cotton Candy and Pink Lemonade. I caught the mistake though, so the text descriptions on the photos themselves are correct. Just be aware that the placement of the lipsticks is a bit different in a few pics.

BEWARE: Extremely pic heavy!

Easyshine soldiers all lined up.

No Flash:


Easyshine choir.

No flash:


Pretty little maids all in a row. (All swatches done with one swipe each)

No flash:

Info about price, packaging, product consistency, and where I bought them can be found in my first Jordana Easyshine blog entry.

After trying out the Easyshines, I’ve broken them down into four groups: cremes, shimmers, glitters, and frosts.

Can you see the difference in these four Easyshines? Remember you can click on and enlarge the pics to see more detail.

Sugar Plum has a creme finish (no shimmer at all). Pink Lemonade and Sugar Cookie are both shimmery, but the shimmer particles in Pink Lemonade are bigger/chunkier and what I’d classify as “glitter”; the shimmer in Sugar Cookie is finer. Brown Sugar is a frost.

Here’s another example with Raspberry (glitter), Berry Colada (shimmer) and Sugar Plum (creme):

The two glitters:

Personally, I’m not a fan of the glitter shades Pink Lemonade and Raspberry. The good news is I can’t feel the glitter on my lips. The bad news is that this is the kind of lipstick that wears off but leaves a ton of visible (silvery) glitter on your lips…glitter that will also travel all over your face.

Fortunately, the frost shades Fresh Melon and Brown Sugar are NOT crazy frosty. They’re only slightly frosty and give my lips a shimmery sheen.

The shimmer shades are Berry Colada, Grape-tini, Cotton Candy, Mango Delight, and Sugar Cookie. The shimmer in these colors is not obvious at all and just make my lips look more glossy and full. The shimmer in Grape-tini and Cotton Candy is actually so incredibly subtle that even swatched they look like glossy, creme shades. I think I only noticed the shimmer in them because I’ve been taking photos and staring at them all day.

The three creme finish shades are Sugar Plum, Watermelon, and Sweet Strawberry.

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  1. >Awesome, AWESOME detailed review and swatches. It's definitely a go for me now! I'm gonna get it on cherryculture.com though. It's were I'm getting everything nowadays. I think I'll get all the shades. They're only $1.99 and if I don't like a shade by itself, I can use it to layer over my Revlon Liquid lippies. Thanks!

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