Update/Final Thoughts: NIA24 Rapid Exfoliating Serum & Colgate Pro Clinical Daily Cleaning Toothpaste

Remember last month when I mentioned that I had gotten and was in the process of testing out the NIA24 Rapid Exfoliating Serum and the Colgate Pro Clinical Daily Cleaning toothpaste? At the time I could only share my initial impressions and for the most part they were good. However, about a month’s passed since then and I think I’ve had enough time to form a more informed opinion about both products.

If you recall in my first post about the NIA24 serum, right before starting that treatment I had suffered a pretty bad reaction to a lotion that caused my face to get extremely irritated, dry and flaky. The timing was perfect for me to start using a new exfoliating product and initially I was amazed by how effective the NIA24 serum was at removing the dead flaky, patchy skin all over the surface of my face. I saw visible results within the first three days of using the product. But I felt my skin situation at that time was atypical. Most people who use, or are thinking about using, this product probably aren’t starting off with such a severe skin dryness like I had. My skin prior to starting the treatment couldn’t have been much worse. Would I still feel similarly two or three weeks into the treatment when the SUPERdry skin from my allergic reaction had been shed and my skin was back to its “normal” dryness? Well, having used the product nightly for nearly a full month (and counting) very consistently, I have to say no.

After the third day of using the treatment, the results I saw from the serum plateaued. I would say that obviously my skin is much smoother compared to when I first started the product and had that allergic reaction, but compared to my usual dryness my skin now is only a little less dry/flaky.

The NIA24 Rapid Exfoliating Serum is not a product that I can rely on to take care of all my dry skin exfoliating needs. The chronic dry patches I normally had months/years prior to starting this serum are still present but maybe to a tiny, almost negligible, degree less. I still have to depend on manual scrubs/exfoliators weekly to keep my skin smooth and flake-free.

I’m still using the NIA24 serum and I intend to use up the bottle but do I think you should shell out $75 for it? No, definitely not. Not unless you’re going through a terrible allergic reaction, your face is peeling like mad, you need to see fast results using a gentle non-irritating exfoliant. Otherwise, in my opinion, it’s just a waste of money. It doesn’t harm my skin but I don’t think it helps my skin enough either to be worth the $$$. In hindsight, I think that my skin would have inevitably shed all that skin in the first three days following my allergic reaction with or without using the NIA24 serum. I think I probably tricked/convinced myself into thinking my great results were all due to the NIA24 when I probably would’ve seen similar results regardless.

Moving onto the Colgate Pro Clinical Daily Cleaning Toothpaste

If you recall, I said it was a good toothpaste but I didn’t experience any noticeable difference between it and other Colgate toothpastes. I also mentioned that I absolutely HATE the packaging.

My opinion hasn’t really changed much since my initial review. I still hate the packaging and after a month of using the product, I like it but I’m still not impressed. My teeth feel smooth and clean after using the Pro Clinical toothpaste but I still can’t see how this is any different from the Colgate or Ultra Brite toothpastes.

In my previous toothpaste post I also mentioned that I would be sharing the toothpaste with my other family members. I did.

My mother and sister weren’t much impressed by the Colgate Pro Clinical Daily Cleaning toothpaste either but they noticed differences. My mother said that the toothpaste lathered/foamed up nicely but didn’t leave her mouth feeling as fresh or minty as other Colgate or Ultra Brite toothpastes. My sister, the only one of us who uses a Sonicare electric toothbrush (the rest of us use “old-fashioned” manual toothbrushes), actually said that she didn’t experience ANY foam/lather from the toothpaste which was surprising.

So there you have it: two decent products that, in the end, underwhelmed.

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