Weekend Haul: L.A. Colors, Limited Edition New York Color

At Duane Reade, I decided to get a couple of more items from N.Y.C.’s Limited Edition “Sun Soaked” Summer 2010 collection. I picked up the waterproof eyeliner pencil in Bronze Gold and the Kiss Gloss in Coral Reef.

I have one of their waterproof pencils from their core collection in the color Dark Brown and, compared to it, Bronze Gold is WAY smoother and more pigmented. I love it’s metallic finish. It’s gorgeous! When I apply it to my upper lash line, it goes on so easily with absolutely no tugging whatsoever. Their regular waterproof pencils are really smooth too but the Limited Edition are even better! I’m really impressed and may even pick up the Limited Edition Turquoise pencil too. Either N.Y.C. reformulated their waterproof eyeliner pencils or the Limited Edition items are simply better quality. Having purchased many items from several of their Limited Edition collections over the years, I’m leaning towards the latter.

I was less impressed with the Kiss Gloss in Coral Reef. It’s a sheer pink-coral without any shimmer. I was hoping for something a lot more pigmented but it barely shows up on my pale lips. I doubt it would show up on people with more pigmented lips.

And Holy Sweet’n Low, Batman! The Kiss Gloss has got to be the most saccharine sweet lip gloss that I’ve ever used. It’s enough to give me a cavity. Seriously.

I’m also not a fan of the texture. It’s non-sticky which is good but thin, very slippery and borderline oily feeling. It kind of reminds me of Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in consistency. I prefer lip glosses that are thicker and more creamy so, yeah, not really a fan of the Kiss Gloss.

I actually bought the L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polish in Atomic a couple of weeks ago but forgot to mention it. You might remember how disappointed I was by the Color Craze polish in Mega Watt, a sheer beige pink nude. Not so with Atomic. Atomic is a non-shimmery teal polish that has really great color payoff. With a good top coat, Atomic has lasted well over a week on my toes with no chipping.

When I bought Atomic I actually thought it could be Sinful Colors Rise and Shine’s twin. I really dislike the Sinful Colors formula. All the SC polishes I’ve bought tend to go on streaky and uneven which is why I was looking for a Rise and Shine dupe. However, compared side by side you can see that Rise and Shine is much greener with shimmer whereas Atomic is more blue with a creme finish.


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