NOTD: Absolute! Nail Enamel in Lavender

So here’s Lavender, one of the cheapie nail polishes that I mentioned I got the other day to kill my OPI Rumple’s Wiggin’ craving.

I’m pretty impressed with how opaque this polish is. One coat looked a little streaky but it definitely covered any visible nail lines. Two coats and everything smoothed out nicely. I actually like this Absolute! nail enamel much more than Sinful Colors. All of the Sinful Colors nail polishes I own go on very sheer and streaky; I usually paint three coats and I still get visible nail lines with some. Sinful Colors also gets really goopy on me fast (while I’m in the midst of painting), which didn’t happen to me with the Absolute! polish.

What I’m not impressed with is how the Absolute! polish wears. It’s Day 2 and I’m already experiencing chipping. I kind of expected that though so I’m not too disappointed or surprised.

My sister says she doesn’t think the color suits me. I agree that Lavender isn’t the most flattering shade for me but I don’t think it’s too bad. And for $1.99 I can’t really complain. At least it’s better than spending $8.95 on a less than flattering shade.

I have no regrets.

ETA: I had an opportunity to compare Absolute! Lavender to OPI Rumple’s Wiggin’ and I can say definitively that they are not dupes. Absolute! Lavender is much more pink.

But I still like it 😀