Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation Revisited and Slayed

I kept going back and forth on this foundation. Did I really want it? Yes, no, maybe. I kept changing my mind one minute to the next. Sometimes the lemming in me wanted to jump off that cliff like all the other lemmings, go to the store and buy it simply because everyone else is buying it. Then other times I’d tell myself, “you weren’t even that impressed with it. Why bother?”

So I ended up taking my wishy washy self back to the Duane Reade drugstore with all the foundation testers. In the two weeks since I’d been there some crazy person had gone to town on the Porcelain Ivory tester. All the other tester shades didn’t look like they’d been touched (aside from the time I tested it). But Porcelain Ivory looked like someone had gouged out a huge chunk. Huge as in half the amount of product in the tester was missing. What the heck? I can’t imagine that someone would use half the tester just to swatch, so did that person scoop some out to take home with them? Their own personal freebie foundation? That’s just wrong.

Unlike my previous visit to the store, this time I had plenty of time to kill, as in hours rather than just a lunch break. So, again, I swatched the three lightest shades – Porcelain Ivory, Classic Ivory, and Nude Beige – on the back of my left hand. Then I window shopped for the next 3 hours, being careful to keep my left hand out of harm’s way in order not to ruin the swatches.

What I discovered this time has cemented how I feel about this product.

Last time, I didn’t keep the swatches on my hand beyond 30 minutes, but during the half hour the swatches sat on my hand I mentioned that the shades oxidized on me. Porcelain Ivory went from being too pale and pink to being just right on my NC20 skin; Classic Ivory went from a decent match (slightly too yellow) to being visibly orange; Nude Ivory veered into Oompa Loompa territory.

This time, after sitting on the back of my hand for 3 hours, all three shades were given ample opportunity to oxidize to their fullest potential. ALL three shades, it turns out, ended up becoming similar looking orange swatches on my hand. So much for the lightest shade working. Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse is so not going to happen for me.

Another thing I noticed was that the foundation smoothed out over time (I complained last time that the foundation seeped into all the fine lines on my skin). Additionally, indoors it still looks matte to semi matte on me. Outdoors, in direct full sunlight, however, the subtle micro shimmers give the appearance of a sheen. It kind of looked like my skin was perspiring slightly but not in a gross, dripping sweat kind of way. The finish is actually quite nice…in bright sunlight only, not so much in indoor lighting. Too bad I’m not orange enough for it.

Lemming slayed. RIP


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  1. >i stumbled across your blog while looking for product reviews and i also had a similar experience with the dream smooth mousse.i am very yellow/golden toned, especially my hands, but my face is more red. when i swatched porcelain ivory on the back of my hand it was straight up bronzer color; but when i tested the foundation on my face, it actually went on lighter than my skin tone and oxidized after a while to a pretty good if you like the texture, maybe it's worth to try it again (again)?

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