Colgate Pro Clinical Daily Cleaning Toothpaste (pic heavy)

Several months back, I signed up to be part of Allure magazine’s Expert Reader Panel. All I had to do was register and fill out a few simple online surveys, and Allure was supposed to match me up to certain products to test and review based on my survey answers.

I was really hoping for a cosmetics offer but, recently, I was sent an email invitation to participate in a trial for Colgate’s Pro Clinical Daily Cleaning toothpaste. Shortly after accepting the invitation I was sent the full sized product to test from Allure via USPS. The accompanying letter from Allure says that I’m expected to try the product for 10 days and they’ll contact me on July 26 for my thoughts/experiences on it.

Sounds easy enough.

My memory is crap (-_-) so I’ve decided to document my experiences on my blog. That way, when the time comes for me to report back to Allure I’ll be able to refer back to my posts and respond more easily.

I received the toothpaste in the mail on Saturday afternoon and started using it on Sunday morning. Since then, I’ve been using the Pro Clinical toothpaste everyday, twice a day – once in the morning and once at night.

This is not my first experience with Colgate toothpastes. They’ve been my preferred toothpaste brand ever since I was little. It’s true what people say about brand loyalty. Hook the kids early and you’ve got them for life. I’ve tried just about all of Colgate’s toothpastes and the only ones I don’t care for are the gel formulas and the ones that contain hydrogen peroxide as a whitener. Not a fan of the taste of hydrogen peroxide 😛

When it comes to toothpastes, I prefer a traditional creme formula versus gel formula. Generally speaking, I avoid gel toothpastes (e.g. Aim) because I like a really good, thick, foamy lather and I find that the gels don’t foam up as nicely as cremes.

I also really love a clean, minty flavor and I feel like Colgate delivers in that department.

There are actually only two brands of toothpaste that I use: Colgate and Ultra Brite. Both are very minty, and both are creme formulas that lather up a lot. It was only recently that I learned that Ultra Brite is actually owned by Colgate. Well, LOL, no wonder I like it so much! So, I’m a true die hard Colgate fan. Even when I think I’ve strayed from Colgate, it turns out I haven’t.

My initial impressions of Colgate Pro Clinical Daily Cleaning toothpaste:


  • the great minty taste I’ve come to expect from Colgate
  • a creme formula which I love
  • a really nice lather
  • my teeth feel clean and smooth


  • the packaging
  • the packaging
  • the packaging

Did I mention I hate the packaging?

The instructions on the back of the box make it seem so easy to open the toothpaste but, in my own personal experience, it just isn’t so! I have never encountered such a pain in the ass toothpaste packaging. When I wake up in the morning, usually still groggy, the last thing I want to do is wrestle with a tube of toothpaste.

I don’t like to toot my own horn but I’m an excellent study and follow instructions to the letter. I did exactly what Colgate instructed me to do. Before my first use, I unscrewed the cap, reversed it, and attempted to unscrew the seal. From photos you can see that tube is sealed with a hard plastic in the shape of a gear. The top of the cap has the same gear shape cut into it. The seal and cap are supposed to fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces. The idea is to lock the cap onto the seal, and turn the cap to unscrew and break the seal. It looks easy on paper but doesn’t work in reality.

By how mangled it is, you can see how much, and how hard (too bad you can’t see how much time I spent) I tried to open the tube the way I was instructed. The cap simply DOES NOT lock onto the seal. Or, rather, it does initially but once you start to turn the cap, the cap slips right off of the seal because the seal simply doesn’t want to turn. As the cap slips off and loses its grip on the seal, it ends up mangling the seal which is why in the photos the seal looks all chewed up. In the end, I had to resort to violence. I found my sewing scissors and stabbed and pried the seal off.

If you look closely at the photos, you can see the plastic that’s holding the seal to the rest of the squeeze tube, stretching and being forced apart where I’ve wedged my scissors. There was no way that cap could’ve unlocked the seal. It’s seriously stuck on. Only brute force could (and DID!) open the seal.

After that stressful event, I was finally able to test out the toothpaste itself.

Honestly, I like the product but I’m not sure what sets this particular toothpaste apart from Colgate’s other toothpastes, aside from the packaging and nicer box. Yes, my teeth feel very clean and smooth but I feel like I already get the same results from their other toothpastes. I’m not sure what sets the Pro Clinical above and beyond the rest. Supposedly, the Prophy Silica micro buffers make a difference; if they do, it’s not a dramatic difference that’s noticeable.

I’ve still got several more days to go for the trial, so maybe the Pro Clinical will surprise me yet.

Initially, I had expected to receive a very small sample of the product but since it’s a full sized product, and there’s more than enough to go around, I’m going to ask the other members in my family to test it out as well. I haven’t told any of them my thoughts on the product so their opinions should be untainted. I wonder what they’ll say. The same? Something different?

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  1. >It's absurd. One can only imagine how much time & money they spent on this useless "specially designed seal." I can't find the receipt to return it or even remember where I bought it – it's just a stupid tube of toothpaste & does not warrant this much time & inconvenience. Thanks for the chance to rant. The only thing left to do is an all-out attack with a pair of scissors to liberate the toothpaste within & unleash pent up aggravation with the stupidity of corporate America.

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