Absolute! Nail Polishes – Lavender and Light Blue

OPI’s Shrek Forever After Collection was on display at my local Duane Reade drugstore today. The lime green and yellow shades didn’t appeal to me. It’s not that I hate the colors in and of themselves. I think they look great on other people but those kinds of shades really accentuate, and draw out, the yellow tones in my Asian skin. However, there were two colors that did catch my eye: the lilac purple shade called Rumple’s Wiggin’ and the sky blue shade called What’s With The Cattitude?(haha. Love that name!)

I was sorely tempted by both of those colors but the miser in me won out. $8.95 for a bottle of nail polish is a bit spendy for me; $17.90 for two was out of the question. I’d much rather spend that money on a skincare item (e.g. face cream, anti wrinkle cream, serum, etc.) that I’d know I’d consistently use on a daily basis than on a nail polish that I’d probably wear once, twice a month.

I left the store a little bummed because I knew that the next time I went back those polishes would probably be sold out and I’d never get another shot at them 😦

My next stop was a small mom & pop beauty supply store that I like to frequent because they have random brands and items that I don’t often see elsewhere. Today they had a new Absolute! nail collection on display. Absolute! is the slightly (and I mean slightly) more expensive sister brand of Nicka K. For example, a Nicka K lipstick will cost you $0.99; an Absolute! lipstick will cost you $1.49. Oooh, big difference. Not. Both brands are cheap and the packaging’s kind of dinky but I think the quality of the products is actually quite decent, even stellar (the Nicka K HD eyeshadows are really fantastic).

Anyway, it seemed as if this new nail polish collection was Absolute’s answer to OPI’s Shrek Forever After collection. I’m not going to lie and say that they’re shade for shade dupes. They’re definitely not. But the shades they offer really satisfied my OPI cravings.

I believe there were 6 or 8 shades, and all of them creme finishes, in the Absolute! collection. I don’t recall all the colors but there was a lime green and pale yellow shade for sure. Needless to say, I was most captivated by their creme shades Lavender and Light Blue. The color names are pretty self-explanatory, not to mention unimaginative. LOL No surprises there. They are what they say they are: a very pretty light purple and light blue. They also have enough vibrancy that they’re not exactly pastel, which I like because I find that super pale, pastel shades don’t look so hot on me.

Note: My stupid camera seems to be washing out Lavender. It’s not so pinky/milky/pale looking in real life. In person it’s definitely more bright.

Like the OPI polishes, the Absolute! nail polishes come with 15 mL of product. However, for the frugal divas out there, rather than paying $8.95 per bottle the Absolute! nail colors are only $1.99 each.

I’ve never tried any of Nicka K/Absolute!’s nail polishes so I’ll let you know what I think of these after I have an opportunity to try them out 😀 It’ll probably be a few days until I do, though, because I just painted my nails with something else yesterday.

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