Friday Haul – Sinful Colors, new LE N.Y.C. collection, Concha Nacar, and lip balms

Haha! So much for that no-buy. FAIL!

At the beginning of the week I was really excited because I’d read on Nouveau Cheap and other websites that Sinful Colors nail polishes would be 99 cents during a 4-day sale at Walgreens. Unfortunately, it turned out that only select stores would be participating in the sales event. I guess the stores near me weren’t special enough 😦

I still ended up buying a couple of Sinful Colors polishes anyway and paying full price, but I’m not exactly sure why. I’m not a big fan of the formula. The polish is really thin initially but starts gooping up by the time I start painting my third finger of one hand. Also, the brush is rather thin; I prefer wider, flatter brushes. I guess it’s the colors. There are so many and most of them look so purty! They suck me in every time!

At Walgreens I bought two nail polishes in the colors Thimbleberry and Rise and Shine. Thimbleberry is a very bright pinky coral. Rise and Shine is a bright shimmery teal.

Oh, weird thing I noticed was that Sinful Colors shade #108 at that one Walgreens store was labeled Thimbleberry on some bottles, and Timbleberry (minus the H) on other bottles. Same color, different spellings. What’s up with that? Someone at the Sinful Colors factory needs to spell check. I ended up picking Thimbleberry with the H because I know what a Thimble is and I know what a Berry is. Not sure what a Timble is supposed to be, so Timbleberry was rejected πŸ˜›

Next, surprise surprise (not really), I stopped over at Duane Reade. They don’t have great prices or good sales but they always have the largest, most varied skincare/cosmetics selection and the newest limited edition displays.

I picked up another N.Y.C. Ultra Last Lipstick in Berry Rich (creme finish) and a Blushable Creme Stick from the permanent collection in the color South St. Seashell, a warm rosy color. South St. Seashell is warm enough that I think if I use it lightly it’ll look good as a natural sunkissed flush to my skin. I’ve yet to try it so here’s hoping it works out the way I want. These blush sticks are fab. If you haven’t gotten one yet, I highly suggest you do. I owned 3 (4 now) and I love them all.

I happened to look down as I was heading to the checkout line and that’s when I noticed a new N.Y.C. summer collection display sitting on the bottom shelf of an end cap.

The limited edition collection is called “Sun Soaked.”

The display includes:

4 bronzer shades ($4.99 each) There are 2 shimmery Color Wheel Mosaic bronzer shades in the colors Starburst (lighter) and Sunburst (darker). There are 2 Smooth & Natural Matte bronzers that come in a rectangular compact with triangle sponge (similar to their Smooth & Natural Matte Powder Foundation), and the shades are called Sun Glow (lighter) and Golden Glow (darker).

2 In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry nail polishes ($1.99 each) in the colors Coral Reef and Pink Paradise.

2 Kiss Glosses ($2.99 each) also called Coral Reef and Pink Paradise to match the Quick Dry polishes. I did a little research and saw that NYC released two LE Kiss Glosses in another collection back in 2006 but, based on reading MUA reviews, I don’t think these are the same colors. The 2006 shades had shimmer. If I remember correctly, the Coral Reef and Pink Paradise I saw at Duane Reade today were an ultra bright coral and fuchsia. Both appeared to be creme finish glosses in the tube, no shimmer.

2 Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils ($2.99 each) Turquoise and Bronze Gold

2 Metro Quartet Eyeshadows ($3.99 each) one quad palette was called Shore something and contained, if I remember correctly, a beige, two browns and a blue. The other quad palette also contained three neutral shades and one purple shade.

I decided to skip the Kiss Glosses which looked like they would be transparent and sheer.

I also took a pass on the waterproof eyeliner pencils. Turquoise was tempting but I’ve purchased N.Y.C.’s waterproof pencils before and, while the texture’s creamy and not hard/waxy, they are definitely NOT waterproof on me…but I have really watery eyes and have a lot of difficulty finding eyeliners that last. Lots of other people seem to like them though.

I didn’t even give the Metro Quartets a second glance. I own 3 of them already (two from last year’s LE summer collection, and 1 from the permanent line) and the pigmentation sucks. All I get is shimmer.

I seriously considered buying one of the matte bronzing powders (Sun Glow, the lighter shade) but when I compared it to N.Y.C.’s Sunny matte bronzer in the store, Sun Glow appeared slightly more dark and slightly more orange-red next to Sunny. Since I love my Sunny bronzer I decided not to get the LE matte bronzer which happens to cost more and contain less product. The matte bronzers cost $4.99 and contain 0.28 oz of product. Sunny costs $2.99 and contains 0.33 oz of product.

I decided to get one of the polishes: Coral Reef. Funnily enough, Coral Reef looked super similar to what I was already wearing on my nails today: Sinful Colors’ Thimbleberry. If you can’t get your hands on Coral Reef, Thimbleberry is a good dupe. Thimbleberry is just the slightest less vibrant and a bit more creamy pink but not by much. The difference is negligible once Thimbleberry’s on the nails. The colors are really so, so close.

Even though I’d just bought Thimbleberry earlier in the day I decided to get the dupe-y Coral Reef anyway because I freakin’ love N.Y.C.’s Quick Dry polishes. They’re inexpensive, the colors are great (especially the LE shades), the formula is great (not too thin or thick, and doesn’t get goopy), and the brush is wide and flat (but not too wide, just right).

The final item from the LE N.Y.C. collection I bought was the lighter shade of the Color Wheel Mosaic bronzing powder in Starburst. I may still go back and get the darker shade in Sunburst but I felt Starburst would be more flattering on my skin tone. Unlike Starburst, Sunburst didn’t have any pink shades, it was just darker brown, bronze and gold shades. The color wheels tend to be quite pigmented, so I was afraid Sunburst would look ridiculous on me. But maybe with a light hand it’ll work. That’s the makeup junkie in me justifying another unnecessary (future) purchase πŸ˜›

ETA: I’ve had an opportunity to use Starburst and I have to say that if you’re looking for a shimmery bronzer this probably isn’t what you’re looking for. Unless you’re very fair, this won’t show up on you as a bronzer. BUT if you’re looking for a new shimmery highlighter, I think you might really like this. I find myself reaching for Starburst more than my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick lately. (swatches to come)

The N.Y.C. Color Wheel Mosaic powder are a drugstore hidden gem, in my opinion. N.Y.C.’s other blushes, the Cheek Glows in the rectangular pans, are crap. I own two in Riverside Rose and Park Avenue Plum and they’re chalky, hard, and not very pigmented. The mosaics, though, are softer and definitely more pigmented. The LE shades, in particular, are the bomb!

Here are all the Color Wheel Mosaic powders that I own.
Top Row: Pink Glow (permanent), Scarlet Letter (LE Winter 2009)
Middle Row: Peach Glow (permanent), Island Spice (LE Summer 2009), Heart of Gold (LE Summer 2009)
Bottom Row: Starburst (LE Summer 2010)
The last item I purchased at Duane Reade is kind of interesting. I didn’t go into the store intending to buy it, but I had some time to kill and wandered down the “ethnic aisle.” I hate that term – what the heck is it supposed to mean? I’m Chinese; that’s an ethnic group. Aren’t we all ethnic in a sense? Isn’t everyone something? – but I’m not sure what else to call it. The aisle contained items that seem to be targeted at people of African and Hispanic/Latin descent. There were lots of labels with Spanish (some not even with English translations on the packaging) and a lot of special oils and treatments for certain textures of hair (apparently for those of the African persuasion from the pictures and descriptions on the boxes).

Anyway, looking up in that aisle, one of the boxes caught my eye. Concha Nacar ($5.49). Supposedly it’s a cream that contains crushed mother of pearl/oyster shells. In Asian cultures (and I guess Hispanic cultures, too) using, and even eating crushed pearl/mother of pearl powder is supposed to help one maintain porcelain, blemish free, glowing skin. I guess the idea is you eat/use pearl and you’ll be bright and luminous like a pearl. I don’t know if that’s true but I figure I’ll give it a shot.

Concha Nacar is calls itself a bleaching cream but there doesn’t seem to be any harsh or harmful bleaching ingredients in it which is good.

Actually, the ingredients in Concha Nacar all seem very benign and recognizable. Bentonite is a type of clay formed from volcanic ash. I have a L’Oreal cream cleanser that contains Kaolin clay, a type of Bentonite. Papain is papaya fruit enzyme, a natural whitener. I know that in Southeast Asia, Likas brand papaya soap is a popular remedy for fading stubborn blemish scars. Irish Moss is a species of seaweed. Salicylic acid, as far as I’m considered, is made of win! It’s a beta hydroxy acid used in cosmetics/skincare for the treatment of skin conditions such as acne and keratosis pilaris and helps shed dry skin. I suffer from all three so I love salicylic acid. The rest of the ingredients are pretty common and self-explanatory, I think.

I plan to see if this cream really does work to fade scars and blemishes. I have some old acne scars and some hyperpigmentation, and I hope the Concha Nacar helps lighten them up some. It would be great if my face actually becomes bright and luminous as a pearl, but I’ll be satisfied with blemish-free skin πŸ˜€

ETA: I totally forgot to mention the two lip balms. I purchased the Cinnabon lip balm from Duane Reade for a whopping $0.59. They also had a DQ Strawberry smoothie (or was it milkshake?) flavor and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup flavor.

The other lip balm is a jumbo sized Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie lip balm that I purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1. They also had a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie flavor that I may go back and get if the one I have is yummy.


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  1. >Great haul. I don't know which Sinful I have but I'm going to have to check. :)I'm a new follower.I don't mean to bug you or anyone but this is a reminder to join in on my giveaway. :)

  2. >Thanks for following :)I'm definitely joining your giveaway! I've actually had the page bookmarked ever since it showed up in my blog reader…I'm just a procrastinator *hangs head in shame* πŸ˜‰

  3. >Hello! Thank you for posting this blog because without this I wouldn't have known about the new limited edition NYC collection. I don't have a Duane Reade or a Rite Aid where I live but I'll be sure to look at my CVS and Walgreens.

  4. >Danielle,Sorry, not anymore. I only saw NYC's Sun Soaked collection at one store back in July, and it sold out almost as quickly and suddenly as it appeared. The Turquoise pencils and the limited edition bronzers were the first items to go.

  5. >I love the LE Metro quads in this collection. The colours are gorgeous. Pigmentations pretty good and the texture is pretty soft. The lid colour in Sandbar (the taupe/purple quad) is my HG taupe. I snapped up all the remaining quads I see in drugstores now. You should give them a try. They're not bad.

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