NOTD: LA Colors Mega Watt + wet N wild French White Creme + Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

I was really on a roll with blogging during May but for the past week I sort of dropped off the planet. Why? Because I was having too much fun messing around with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. Yes! I finally got my hands on the much coveted nail polish, courtesy of Recessionista over at the awesomely awesome (no exaggeration) Nouveau Cheap blog.

Early last month, R hosted a Hidden Treasure giveaway. Imagine my surprise when it was announced that I was one of the winners! The postman dropped off the winnings at my house last Friday and I’ve literally spent every free moment since then playing with Hidden Treasure, layering it over just about every nail color in my collection. Fun times!

Then, yesterday, I received the dotting tools that I had won off of eBay. Up until recently, I’ve been relying on toothpicks to make my dots but I wanted to see if a tool for the express purpose of making dots really makes a difference. Verdict: it does. I still haven’t perfected my technique yet. I’m a lot better making dots with my right hand than my left hand, and I don’t always use consistent pressure when making dots so some come out bigger than others.

If you’re interested in getting dotting tools, just go to eBay and do a search for “nail dotting tools.” A whole bunch of results should come up. I bought the set of 5 double-sided dotting tools. The tools in the set vary in sizes; some can make really tiny dots, and others make larger dots. The set cost $2.46 ($0.99 plus $1.47 s/h).

For my manicure, I laid down one layer of CHI base/top coat, followed by three coats of L.A. Colors Mega Watt. When I bought Mega Watt, I suspected that I’d be disappointed by it. And I am. The color is very sheer. Even with three coats and I can still see visible nail line. That’s kind of why I decided to jazz it up with some dots. Plus I was trying to kill two three birds with one stone. I wanted to test out Mega Watt, my new dotting tools, as well as Hidden Treasure. For the dots, I used wet N wild’s French White Creme polish and then I topped all of that with two coats of Hidden Treasure. One layer of Hidden Treasure would’ve been sufficient but I wanted some extra bling. Also, the white dots seemed way too stark a contrast against the pinky nude Mega Watt, so I thought maybe an extra layer of Hidden Treasure would tone it down a bit and tie all the colors together more. Yeah, didn’t work. The dots are still WOAH white. It’s not my favorite nail color combo but it’ll do for now 😀

Hidden Treasure really does live up to all the hype. I love it! Thanks so much, Recessionista!

This was my first polish from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure line and I’m definitely impressed. I don’t know if I’m “pay full price” impressed (I rarely feel that way towards anything), but I’ll definitely get a few bottles if Sally Hansen ever goes BOGOF. The formula’s fantastic and I love wide brushes so the Complete Salon Manicure applicator is right up my alley. My only nitpick is that the brush is rather thick and just a bit too wide. NYC In A New York Color Minute brushes are still tops with me (wide but neither too thick nor too wide), but the SH brushes are definitely nice.

I tried to take some pics that capture Hidden Treasure’s opalescent, flaky goodness but my cam’s a bish. Either I’m being a total dunce with the macro setting or the zoom on my camera just sucks. Probably a bit of both 😛


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