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I scooped up these pretty, floral flats from Daffy’s. If you’re not familiar with Daffy’s, they’re a chain of stores in NY/PA/NJ that sell designer label or more expensive clothes and shoes at discount prices. Their motto is “High Fashion. Low Prices.” In the past I’ve found some great deals there but I had to really dig through the racks.

The flats I purchased are from a brand called Wanted, and the specific style is Petal Flat Ballet Slipper w/ Flower Burst Detail in the color Natural. The shoes are still available from the Wanted website in other colors besides Natural, though in limited sizes, for $49.99. I got the shoes for $30 from Daffy’s.

I’ve got flat feet and Ballet flats are my favorite type of shoes. Flat shoes for flat feet, I suppose. However, I’ve found that certain types of ballet flats aren’t very practical for walking in the city. I’m speaking specifically of those soft, flexible, rubber soled flats. Yes, they’re super comfy…for running errands at the grocery store or walking indoors in a mall, but not on the bumpy city sidewalks and streets. Heaven forbid you step on a rock! Ouch! For the city, I need flats with a harder sole, and the Wanted Petal Flats seem to fit the bill. Not only are they adorable, they’re functional, too. I absolutely love the flower detail and feel it’s so perfect for the spring/summer. I think they’ll look fab paired with jeans, slacks, capris, skirts or even shorts.

3 thoughts on “Shoe shopping

  1. >Ooo! These are super cute! I have flat feet too and I live in ballet flats in various styles/colors. My favorites come from the brand Rocket Dog – sooo comfy. I usually buy at DSW. =)

  2. >You're so right! Rocket Dog makes great flats. I had a black pair that I loved with a buckle detail. I wore them everywhere and was so sad the day I finally wore the soles out. RIP. When I was out shopping the other day I drove past a DSW that I'd never seen before. I guess I need to head there ASAP 😀

  3. >Hi Mimsy,Thanks for following. Those flats are so adorable!! I love nude/muted colours. Perhaps I'm under the influence of this season's colours.I love flats too although all kinds of shoes tend to make my feet ache eventually anyways. How I wish I could wear heels but I can only if I'm going out for 3 hours or so. Anything longer I have to revert to flats =P

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