Weekend Haul – L.A. Colors and L’Oreal

I picked up two L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polishes from the Dollar Tree over the weekend: Magnetic Force (a shimmery, bright coral) and Mega Watt (a shimmery nude). If you recall from an earlier post, I wasn’t too thrilled with how quickly the formula chips but for $1 what can you expect? At least the colors are nice.

The Craze polishes all seem to have names related to electricity and, for the most part, I can see how the shocking, bright neon colors tie into that. However, Mega Watt? In the bottle it seems rather understated and unassuming. Maybe once it’s on the nails it’ll be a whole, different story and I’ll be blinded by “electrifying” flashes of shimmer…or something like that. Hehe. We’ll see.

I also received two prize packages from L’Oreal for two separate giveaways I’d entered back in January and February via Allure magazine.

The January prize is/was the L’Oreal EverStrong Sulfate-Free Overnight Repair Treatment. It’s supposed to be an overnight hair treatment that’s 100% vegan and hasn’t been tested on animals.

The February prize is/was the L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base. I’ve been dying to try this! I’ve resisted buying it thus far because the reviews have been so mixed. People either seem to love it or it breaks them out. I hope I’m one of the people in the first group. I’ve been looking for something to spackle over my large pores and hopefully this is it.


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