Weekend Fish Fry and Dessert

For your viewing pleasure: Sunday night’s fish (and shrimp) fry.

What you see here is battered, deep fried pieces of cod and whole shrimp. For dipping sauce, it’s good ol’ Sriracha hot sauce.

And all of that’s laid out on some sheets of newspaper. Oh, yeah, that’s how we roll. When you’re going to be eating with your fingers and decapitating shrimp heads, there’s no need to break out the nice tablecloth. Just dispose of the carcasses by balling them up in the newspaper when you’re through.

There’s nothing better than fried food!

And for dessert, a cupcake with buttercream frosting from [I forget where. It’s one of those places in NYC that deals almost exclusively in cupcakes. Not Magnolia, but that kind of shop. I’ll update with the name later. I think it was Crumbs]

The flower decoration was very pretty, and the buttercream frosting definitely lived up to its name. I swear, they must’ve used at least half a stick (maybe even a whole stick) of butter to frost one cupcake.

As for the cake itself? Meh. It was really dense. When I held it in my hand, it felt heavy like a large rock. The pictures make the cupcake look smaller but it was actually about 4-5 inches in diameter. The cake definitely needed all that frosting to add moisture because, without it, I would’ve choked on the sawdustiness of it. It was really dry and tasted like your run of the mill yellow cake but with a stronger egg flavor.