Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Colors: Watermelon Juice and Mango Delight

I came across some new Jordana products the other day while browsing the aisles at Duane Reade. At least I think they’re new. Perhaps these have been around for awhile and I just didn’t know about them, although I’m so into tinted lip balms at the moment I think I would’ve noticed them before. By “them” I’m referring to the Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Colors.

There were twelve Easyshine shades available in the display. Some contained shimmer and some didn’t, and since the packaging consists of a clear plastic cap it was really easy to see which shades were which. The shimmer looked rather chunky to me so I decided to focus my attention on the non-shimmery colors.

The Easyshines are very inexpensive at $1.99 each and I was tempted to buy more but I didn’t want to get too many in case they turned out to be an awful product. I restrained myself and only bought two. I ended up getting Mango Delight, a slightly brown peach shade, and Watermelon Juice, a bright pink shade.

First thing I noticed in the store is that these lip products aren’t shrink wrapped or sealed, something I absolutely hate. I actually had to reach all the way into the back of the display to find two Easyshines that hadn’t been swatched/used. Gross. Next thing I noticed is that the Easyshines don’t twist all the way down into the tube, an unfortunate fact I learned when I uncapped Mango Shine and nicked it immediately after purchasing. Bummer.

I think that the Easyshines are probably the softest, most buttery lip products that I’ve ever tried. I mean seriously buttery. They go on so smoothly but they nick so easily since they’re so soft and don’t twist all the way down in the tube. I’m actually kind of worried about what’ll happen to them in the summer; I’m pretty sure they’ll melt on me. Again, I have to stress that these are very buttery soft.

Those downers aside, I really like these lippies. Watermelon Juice smells and tastes like watermelon, Mango Delight smells and tastes like mango, and both are slightly sweet. I’m rather sensitive to perfumes and I don’t find either scent offensive or overpowering.

Both Watermelon Juice and Mango Delight, although sheer, have decent and buildable pigmentation and provide a nice glossy shine. While the texture is on the thinner, more slippery side, I don’t consider them oily/greasy at all. They feel very comfortable on the lips and aren’t thick or sticky in the slightest. Due to their slippery nature, lasting power isn’t very good and you’ll probably need to reapply. I would say that in terms of texture and finish, the Easyshines are more like tinted lip balms (rather than lipstick/gloss) without being dry or waxy.

I still prefer the Palladio herbal tinted lip balms a teensy bit more for their more creamy texture and slightly better lasting power but I quite like the Easyshines. They go on smoothly, they have a nice range of colors in shimmer and non-shimmer shades, the flavors/scents are fun, and the price is right! I’m really interested in the other ten Easyshine shades, not only for the colors but because I want to try out the other flavors.

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